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Doug Gordon crashes in Vegas (1 Viewer)


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Didn't look a really hard hit. I bet the frame can be front-halved and repaired.


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It didn’t look good.


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There 3 mph faster than the other bodies. Very little downforce I’d say. Some spoiler would help I’m sure but No ones gonna give up the speed. I wouldn’t

Sean Bellemeur

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Doug went through one hell of a wild ride. I must say seeing your opponents belly pan in your lane is a crazy feeling. As far as what happened... Doug said it got over by the wall and sailed the front end on him. In today's TAFC that is a common occurance. He had the wheels turned to correct for the wall, finally gave up and aborted the run but the wheels were cranked to the left and it got away.

Today's TA/FC is an evil SOB just because of how violent they are on the starting line. A 5.30-5.40 car is the hardest thing I've ever driven, and WAY different than even a 5.50 car The Camaro body is less downforce...however I believe played no role in this crash.

Doug is one of the best drivers on tour, in any class. I try to model my driving off of his and have for years. He's still the man and I'm hopin they get their new car out soon!
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