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Not sure where I should write this, but since there were 2 incidents at the PDRA in Rockingham (and 1 at the NMCA in GA) this weekend, here goes. After a 20+ year break from drag racing (as a fan only) from 1982 to 2007, I have been eating up everything I can see for the last several years, especially doorslammers (Pro Mod is probably my favorite class). I have been deeply affected by the violent crashes this weekend at the PDRA (one in one in Top Sportsmen Pro Extreme) and the NMCA. I realize that when the driver is strapped in that there is an inherent danger from point A to point B due to the sheer power of these beasts. I assume that track prep is paramount for these cars, but at the NMCA race, the announcer kept talking about the Friday qualifying as being hit or miss (mainly miss) for most teams. Was it due to unseasonably cold weather? The PDRA in Tulsa was suspended due the cold temps. If so, maybe these races should be scheduled a few weeks later in the year? Concerned fan.
I believe someone said there was high winds in Rockingham which may explain why a lot of cars loose on the top end got in trouble after the stands if it was a cross wind. It was very disturbing the way it Ronnie Davis's car shot to the ground after going over the wall. Maybe none of the crashes were caused by the same thing but when you see similar problems happen over and over I as a fan start cringing every time a car gets loose. I wonder how much a catch fence above the wall after the finish line and body flaps similar to NASCAR would have helped in this particular crash. You can never have enough safety. Hopefully they can get through the PDRA Sunday with no more carnage. We've seen enough.


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Ronnie's crash was the worst I have seen since Scott. I mean the way that car went air born was unreal.
Rest In Peace "The King"


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Not sure what day the crashes happened but on Saturday I was driving from Raleigh to Asheville and the wind was ridiculous. Couple that with close to freezing temperatures Friday and Saturday night and I'm sure that the conditions were less than ideal.


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It looked like the Corvette was loose from 60 ft on till he crash. If track temp was cool and strong wind gust is right they shouldn't have been racing..

Our prayers for Ronnie Davis,, family and friends. Very Sad

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