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Cruz will be racing in the Chili Bowl in Tulsa Ok. Friday night according to his twitter account.

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I met Cruz for the first time at Nitro Revival. Shared a story with him about seeing him and his brothers, just little kids, running around in the hot pit at San Fernando in their underware while their father, Frank, was working on his dragster. He liked it so much, he had me repeat it for his girl friend. .


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Frank Pedregon Sr. didn't know the word QUIT, One time at Lions in the final he came off the rollers in the right lane in Joe Winters car, the motor was and spiting oil out of the pipes covering Frank with oil (he was GREEN with oil) He could not see anything when his car was stopped by the wood bearer at the side of the lane, I was telling him to SHUT it off many times. He finally pulled down his goggles to see where he was and saw me telling him to shut it off, then he finally shut it off.
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