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NHRA Nationals – Reading, PA

Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon took some time after Indy to hit the dirt track, and now he and the team are prepping the Snap-on Funny Car to take on Reading. "Reading has been a winner for us before, so we know with our current setup, we can make it happen again," Cruz says. "Tommy (DeLago), the team and I have taken a good hard look at the runs we had in Indy, and we collectively have a positive outlook heading into the fall races of the NHRA season."
Crew Chief DeLago says, "Looking forward to seeing how the car performs in cooler, damper conditions. And, with Hurricane Florence heading up the east coast this weekend, we'll all be constantly monitoring the water grains and the impact the humidity could have on these powerful cars.”
"I've been racing at Reading for more than two decades, and after all these years I'm still amazed by how much fun it is," says Cruz. "Drag racing is such a great family sport where everyone can experience the action from the stands and see the cars, drivers and crews in the pits. We're really looking forward to all the great NHRA fans coming out to the track this weekend."

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