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Cruz Pedregon Team Report - Norwalk (1 Viewer)


NHRA® Team Report
Summit Racing Equipment NHRA® Nationals - Norwalk
Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon and team are moving into this weekend’s race in Norwalk with the Snap-on Dodge® motor looking brand new and the final modifications completed on a scuffing issue. “We're seeing incremental improvement each week, so we're expecting clean, aggressive runs in Ohio," says Cruz. "I have the best team and sponsors in my corner and one of the best cars on the track. We’re ready to go.”

After a couple of challenging runs in Bristol, Cruz's experience paid off, and he's focused on the critical points needed in the weekend ahead. With seven races to go until the Countdown to the Championship, Cruz is hungry for the qualifying points needed to break into the top ten rankings. With 424 points currently placing him in 11th, he’s got his eye on the prize this weekend in Norwalk.

“I’m always ready to take on the next challenge,” says Cruz. “I’ve been in this sport long enough to know how to make adjustments as we go. We’ve fine-tuned the car and tried a few experiments, and I’m confident in our shot to earn the points we need toward a Championship spot this weekend.”

Cruz's daughter Ryaah will be at the upcoming race to cheer on her Dad, who is just one race win in points away from a top 10 spot.

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