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Cruz Pedregon Team Report - Atlanta (1 Viewer)

NHRA® Team Report
NHRA Southern Nationals – Atlanta
Pre-Race Report

Cruz Pedregon and team head to Atlanta with the fresh energy of finishing in the top half of the field, two races in a row. The goal now for Cruz, Crew Chief John Collins, and the team is to close the gap and move the Snap-on Makers & Fixers Dodge® to the top.

"We're only 14 runs into the season, so we're in what I'd call fine tuning mode," Cruz says. "We stayed after the Vegas race to get in a couple of testing runs and we like the numbers we're seeing."

Test times were 3.98 and 3.99, so Cruz says to look for the car to start having more consistent runs, especially toward the middle of the season and, ultimately, for the team to finish the season strong.

"The hardest part beyond making good runs is making good runs consistently, and that's what we have to look forward to with our group…a team that will get the numbers down and know how to keep them down," Cruz says. "That's the part I'm looking forward to the most."

Cruz says he's excited to be back concentrating on the driving while the team focuses on tuning. He says it's the kind of work he did back in the 90's, and it's the kind of work that will help him put all his energy into winning.

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