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pretty cool deal for two races. congrats to all involved. nordic logo is hard to see against checkers.
starting to think these two july indy races are going to be as big as any nhra race of recent years. 'can't miss it' events.
sure hope there are replays on fsn1 and/or fsn2.


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Even with DSR what can you accomplish in 2 races? It takes more to get a program in order, or else you go out in 1st round (if you're lucky enough to Q)
I want to see these returning heroes get some real seat time .....not just a toe dip in the nitro pool


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Here's my take. Smart move by DSR , Cory Mac brings the sponsors in , he gets a chance to run well and go out like he wants. Maybe the sponsors he brings see's the value of DSR and stays on. If not no harm no foul.
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