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"Nitro Idol" Berserko Bob Doerrer will be performing his wildly popular rendition of the "Surfin' Bird" at Del Worsham's infamous "MegaRita" party Sunday, Nov. 12 at the conclusion of the Auto Club of Southern California Finals at Pomona. "Berserko" has become an alternative-music cult hero after performing the song a few weeks ago at Rockingham, N.C. "We wanted to do something to raise the level of entertainment for the party this year and having Berserko make a very rare live appearance is a big deal," Del Worsham said. "To have an entertainer of his caliber singing makes our party the hottest ticket in town."

Said Doerrer, "I've been practicing singing along with the original version by the Trashmen every time I get in my truck and I'm ready to rock the pits." Video of Berserko in concert will be available on 1320 TV -- at least until the Pomona Police Riot Squad appears at the scene!

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