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Clay Millican 3.628 ET !!!!!!

Freicking ridiculous. LOL I'm just reading this thinking of how ecstatic we were once upon a time sitting in the bleachers down at the Texas Motorplex in the late 80's and hoping and anticipating to see a 4.99 blast from - maybe it was like Snow/Ormsby/Hill; whoever the hell it was.... I thought the world would stop turning that day, and that I truly had seen it all from these race cars.

hahahahahahahahahaha great job, CM Impressive.
we may go back to those days.... when they run out of room and prices hit the ceiling, they will make Top Fuel and FC cut the billet Hemis in half and run 5000hp 4 cylinder engines....
then we can hope and anticipate to see a 4.99 blast again


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Eddie Hill was the first in the 4's at the Texas Motorplex. I thought that was soooo amazing! Then Bernstein first to run 300.... Clay Millican's run today was 296 at the 1/8 and the best speed ever for 1/8 mile is 299. I remember when Doug Herbert ran 299 at Phoenix & it was -this short- of 300. I was so excited! Had him autograph a hero card & write the 299 speed on it. I think Doug was 2nd to run 300. What was exciting about all this was that there had been a lot of various claims as to who was first to 200 & who was first to 7 seconds. Well, this time, no doubt as to the first 4 & first 300. That was exciting to see those barriers broken. If you have any old tapes of those days, they weren't even pulling the heads in the pits, much less rebuilding the engine like they do today. :)


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The Scrappers T/F team had an .807 or something like that at Phoenix last week. Went up in smoke, but if it had made a full pull...... I bet a lot of teams are working on short times like that, which may lead to a 3.59 this year. Official Cliff Morgan Prediction. :)


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That was amazing. The touch early shut off would have changed the 8 but not the 2.

The NHRA changed the track prep this year to try to keep the nitro cars from chunking tires, seeing this sorta reminds me of my junior days way back with a 12.90 car when we constantly fought too much traction (and ran the back tires at over 20 lbs to pick the tire off the track). I wonder if the decreased traction is letting them open the tuning window up a little and making tire speed a little less of an On/Off light switch.

I would still like to hear Alan talk more about the differences in the track from last year to this year for national events.

Bob K.

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As hard as that car was pulling and as much as the speed was down, I think it could have been a 3.619. That was an amazing run and we will see more I wonder if Connie congratulated David? I do know a little about these cars when I went to all the races with my neighbor David Baca. I helped a little on his A/Fuel car but when he went Top Fuel, I had a business to run to when I did go I just got out of the way and observed every thing that was going on. Parts are better now but David was the first to run under 4.50 one year at Indy. A 4.48. He was way underfunded and didn't win an event but I sure learned a lot. I started racing myself in 1961 and raced off and on with my own car and just sold it 4 years ago. I never thought I would see the cars run like they do now.


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We bracket race with pretty much constant top end driving at 220+mph, so I'm pretty comfortable in saying the 2 was not going to change. It's more math than I want to type out here, but it is just math.

Grubby made the excellent point that repeating is the key, I'm betting he'll better it on the scoreboard soon enough.


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jeff white. i'll be interested too in hearing/learning about new track prep procedures and how it relates to tuning. how fast can these guys go!? it's really amazing what's
happening the last few years. there's a limit somewhere. stay safe.


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I wish he wold have run it out the back door just to see what the numbers would have been. I guess we'll have to see what the rest of the season has in store with numbers like this at the very first race of the year.


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don't have time to post a pic of his time slip but here is the incrementals

60' .809
330 2.047
1/8 2.897
mph 296.31
1000 3.628
mph 322.04