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any news on Gary scelzi (1 Viewer)


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I was just wondering is there any news on Gary scelzi thanks
As far as what he's up to? I believe he's working in the family business and racing with his kids. Bobby just had a great interview with him on his Legends series.


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Sad that drag racers kids do not drag race, Tanner gray, scelzi kids and I think Cruz pedregon kids race roundy rounds.


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I too went from drag racing to circle track. My first nite on the oval I got more seat time than the prior 8 years drag racing! :cool: Both of Garys kids are running competitively with the World of Outlaws.


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I think a racer is a racer. Doesn't make any difference if you go straight or turn corners. Drag racing will always be #1 for me, but I do enjoy other forms of motor sports, and see that each one has it's own skills. But there is just something that sets a racer apart from others and you see it in their eyes, regardless of what they race.


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Speaking of racers being racers, I think the craziest ones out there are the rally guys. They've got cojones. The fans might be crazier, though, standing so close to the turns - there have been a lot of close calls.

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