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AA/FA 2018 March Meet Debut (1 Viewer)

I hope everyone is doing great, have stayed pretty quiet thus far in 2017. As we make significant changes for the TAFC, we have partnered up to assemble this pretty girl and represent Guardian For Heroes Foundation on Nitromethane. We are working very closely with a National Championship Nostalgia Funny Car Team to put her out at the track and debut at the 60th. Have a great day everyone!! :)



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When you run at Bakersfield, will you be on a 6.00 index? Also curious if you will run any races with the Texas AA/FA group that runs 1/8 mile. Hope all goes well!
That's A Great Looking Car!! Glad to see another A/A Fuel Altered joining the ranks, Hopefully the class will keep growing. Looking forward to racing against you at the March Meet. Make sure you come by The Heatseeker Pit and introduce yourself. Mike Mosby

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