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A car brand I've been mispronouncing my whole life... (1 Viewer)


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When I was a little kid in the '60's, I used to build plastic car models.
One of them was Ohio George Montgomery's '33 Willys Coupe Malco Gasser.
I always called it a "WILL-eez". Pretty sure I've heard many others thru the years pronounce it that way too.
Today on NHRA.tv the announcer for the Midwest Pro Mods kept saying "WILL-iss" instead of "WILL-eez".
Looked it up on Wikipedia and to my surprise, the announcer was RIGHT! See footnote #1 on this page...


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Still Will-eez in my vocabulary. Lots of stuff that way. As a machinist, every single person I know for that past 20 years has pronounced Fanuc controllers as "Fa-Nook". Recently, I found out it's pronounced "Fa-nik". Also, people my whole life have been mispronouncing my last name. The pronounce it "idiot". They must think it has French origins or something...
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