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It’s at least 45 minutes from downtown Tampa.
An hour might be stretch but it ain’t 15 minutes!
I disagree with you.
If I get on the Suncoast Parkway at the Hillsborough ave. Entrance I can be in Brooksville in 15 to 20 minutes with no problem. I drive this road every day.

Luke Nieuwhof

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I know we’re getting into semantics but that’s 37 miles dude, you’d have to average 148mph to do that in 15 minutes.


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OK, so T/F, F/C, P/S, PSM, T/AD, TA/FC. Could add MMPS and T/D and T/S. Maybe TFH...... Jets, Wheelstanders, to add a little spice. BUT, what happens when it gets down to final rounds? What are they gonna use for (I hate this word) "filler"?


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I could have sworn Joe Costello mentioned on the PA that someone is rumored to be wanting to build a 1/4 dragstrip in Palm Beach County. If that is true that is great news.
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