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1964 Sports Ill. article on Don Garlits (1 Viewer)


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Thanks for the link.
Many more historical drag articles in SI Vault archives , reading them "as they were happening" is priceless.

"The next morning a friend came into the hospital room. Muldowney looked up with crimson eyeballs through the tubes and slings attached to her and said, "Not doin' too bad for a little s—-, huh?"

Who could that friend have been? Initials CK, maybe ? :)


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Steve, thanks for posting this. I was there at Firebird when Shirley made her comeback. I think everyone was excited about it. When she made the pass where the chute didn't come out, I kinda thought, let her be safe but this is a good test to be sure she can handle the chute not coming out. Wow, brings back a lot of memories. If I remember right, Shirley's last win came at Firebird. Too bad we can't see a Shirley VS Big race just one more time. Wait, maybe in electric dragsters..... :)
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