Where's the Surfers car?

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by Nitrohelper, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Nitrohelper

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    Anybody have an update on Drag City, and the status of the car by Pat Foster?
    Did Amos ever build the engine? Did everybody get paid?
    I guess the track should be finished by now.:rolleyes:
  2. burnie

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    Thats funny:D
  3. FEDowner

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    I think it got sold to someone in Simi Valley Ca. but I cant confirm that.
  4. Silly Savage

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    I don't have pictures, but I hear that the ground as been broken and they began to dig out the area where the track will lie. I hear that the contractor is still saying they can get it done by April/May 2007..... I guess we'll see......
  5. Rocketman 207

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    Whoever has it, I hope they get the blessing of Skinner, Jobe & Adam Sorokin so it can be shown & run as "The Surfers" car...
    That thing's too bitchin' to be in mothballs forever!
  6. Al smith

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    Photos in september show one piece of earthmoving equipment and a water truck. Aparently the current delay has been blamed on changing specifications slowing the bid process. Photos show just a flat piece of land with multiple tire tracks on it. If the strip was supposed to be way below ground level why the fine grading at grade level? looks to me like all they have done is dust mitigation. In fact i see no survay stakes whatsoever. thats a big red flag. the last photo is from altitude at a distance showing the air strip in the background.
  7. Silly Savage

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    It is what it is.....
  8. Drag City

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    The Surfers car is HERE!

    Fortunately the things being said here are incorrect. We still own the Surfers dragster. It has not and never will be sold.

    If you want to know what’s going on with it check out our website. We have a whole section dedicated to the car.

    Drag City- The Place To Race, Banning, CA

    P.S. As for the track…. you'll be racing on it soon. Read more about it on our website.
  9. Rocketman 207

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    Thanks for the updates, Andy....
  10. willy

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    Oh..and welcome to the Mater..
  11. coyotedale

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    Surfing without Jobe and Sorokin


    I happen to know for a fact that neither Adam Sorokin or Tom Jobe
    endorse your ownership of the re-popped Surfers car. It is their wish
    that you sell the car to a more worthy owner. I know that in the
    beginning they were behind the project but later (for whatever reason)
    decided to no longer be a part of it. By the way, don't the investors
    of "Drag City" own the car? It seems a shame that the car can't be
    seen and enjoyed by anybody - And without Tom or Adam's involvement,
    the car would seem of very little value.
  12. "Dr. Dirt"

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    That's the "Christmas Spirit" Dale!
    Hey, you forgot to call their wives stupid and children ugly.
  13. Silly Savage

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    it never seems to end....
  14. coyotedale

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    Hey, I sent them a Christmas card,,, doesn't that count.
  15. Drag City

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    Dale, you just said some interesting things.

    However, because I’m personally involved let me set the record straight.

    The Marocco’s (my father and I) wanted to build the Surfers dragster several years ago. Strictly for the love of it.

    We went to Tom & Adam for their blessings. We were given their word that they would endorse it, but only under the condition that Pat Foster build it.

    We did that.

    We built the car with our own money and a very small amount from memorabilia sales in which people received cool products. (hats, t-shirts, lithos)

    So how can we be blamed for anything?

    Ohhh wait ……Just because of some misunderstood and false rumors from Pat Foster and others on the Standard 1320 e-mail group.....we get a bad rap.

    Well partly.

    I assume that it really comes from jealousy. You know, the arrogant type where guys who think they were somebody’s say, “who the hell do these guys think they are building the surfers car?”

    Then again, maybe it also stems from the fact that many do not understand the complexity and time that is involved with our enormous undertaking known as Drag City. (The long awaited SoCal Drag Strip that will be completed by July 2007).

    With so much on the plate it’s easy to jump on the band wagon and cast stones.

    Like us or not, The car we built is now "THE SURFERS" dragster!

    Last I heard (2 weeks ago) Amos Satterlee who is building the motor talked to Tom Jobe on the phone about engine details. Tom was more then happy to discuss and provide the needed information.

    Our door is and has always been open to those who were involved in the original Surfers team. If they choose to participate at the unveiling or not is their choice.

    Even though Adam wasn’t part of the team we originally went to him out of respect to his fathers memory. With that in mind, the dragster was built to Adams physical specs so he could drive it. If he doesn’t want to do that, then again, that’s his choice.

    But I can promise you this! The public will soon see the grand opening of Drag City in 2007. And at it, they will see “The SURFERS” dragster return.

    The best part is that my father and I accomplished our dream to build this car for ourselves and others who loved the Surfers.

    WE DID IT and no one can take that satisfaction away.
  16. coyotedale

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    I've got nothing to say about the track, but Andy, I do hope it gets built.

    As for the conversation that Uncle Tom had with Amos,, I'll be picking Adam up at the airport tomorrow, and I'm sure he'll fill me in on what was discussed.
  17. Rocketman 207

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    Stay tuned for more exciting details!:D
  18. Silly Savage

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    there is nothing more riveting than an internet pissing match....:rolleyes:
  19. Rocketman 207

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    "That's not the king, that's the pissboy!":D
    (History of the World, Part II)

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