What ever happened to fuel altereds?

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by Mooseman, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Mooseman

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    Are they still around actively ? I know theres the outlaw guys doing there thing but apart from them and the nostalgia ones you just don't here much . Ive probably posted this in the wrong place but oh well move it if you have to .
  2. d'kid

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    Guess you'd have to ask Randy, or the two Sean's, or any number of awful awful driver that post here... just because NHRA dropped the class, doesn't mean there isn't a 'few' out there running 15-20 dates a year

  3. Big Sexy

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    Tom Motry's Drastic Plastic Fuel Altered will be racing the Don Schumacher's Wonder Wagon at the US Nationals. Lisa Coil will be driving Tom's car (Yes that Lisa Coil), and DSR's Sr. VP, Mike Lewis will be driving the Wonder Wagon AA/FC.

    If you want to see a cool old AA/FA or a AA/FC, make it to this race..
  4. Terry

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    Calling my Ioweegian buddy Rapid Randy Baker!!!! Can you take this one, Rapid?
  5. Toejam

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    The Nanook altered driven now by Randy Baker travels the country quite frequently.
  6. kegs

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    I promote an annual race at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield called the Chuy's Fuel Altered Classic. This year it's Sept. 6th and will host Rat Trap, Nanook, Vegas Heat, Impatient Racing, Pure Heaven (Jeff Bennett), Winged Express, Fast n Forty and Sullivan and Haight. Plus we have plenty of 6 and 7 second Alcohol cars coming.
    The web page should be up in a few days with a schedule.

    John Keigley
  7. Nunz

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    The AA/FAs were originally a class within the NHRA, first in Super Eliminator and then in Comp by the early '70s. Most of the "hitters" in that class, like Borsch, Chadderton, Matsubura, and so on, had moved on to Funny Cars and by the time NHRA came out with Pro Comp for the '74 season, the altereds were blown alky, no more nitro AA/FAs as a class. Over the years, circuits evolved where guys ran these cars around the country, however they really became FCs with roadster bodies and wings, but IMO are still really wild cars. With the popularity of the Nostalgia races, now both types of altereds race around the country, the "transformers" which are the late-model, longer cars, and the recreations/restorations of the old-school, traditional AA/FAs such as the Rat Trap and The Winged Express. I love the Nanook car that the Houghs still race, it has a little bit from both eras.
  8. Wes

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    I'm trading in my legal and competitive Top Dragster for a 135" 23-T so I can go run with that series. With 4 of the 8 annual races practically in my back yard, awesome crowds, nitro, and one-day events it was a no-brainer for us.

    OFAA has quite a following...has been on Inside Drag Racing two or three times thus far in 2008...lot's of veteran drag racers, 2nd generation racers, former fast bracket/index racers, and folks that just like to go run their hot rods and have a good time. The rules package helps keeps costs from running away (unlike many other independent heads-up series) and racing super close. About half the cars run true nitro engines while the other half run monster blown-alky combos.
  9. rocketman

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    Fuel alterds are alive and well. Rich Howell is tearing up the track just as Rickie Ruiz is! Next weekend folks is the Nitro Summerfest in Medford. Last year the fuel alterds put on a hell of show and I expect the same will happen this year! We'll be there too with our car making a few passes.
  10. Spanky

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    come out and play wes!! only one stipulation man... you and dewitt bring your hot rods by my trailer so i can chop those suckers down to a more appropriate length :D

    i'm ready and waiting!!


    as for a few of the comments/questions/observations... fuel altereds are alive and well boys. and fun to watch but man.... sooo much more fun to ride in!! (cause you don't get to drive... you are just along for the ride!)

    i really like the old old school deals with the motors up hi and 100" long!! just seems with the technology advances and horsepower that today's powerplants are making it almost takes a 'transformer' to have the platform to get the thing from a-to-b safely on a regular basis. it costs to d*mn much to crash them too many times.

    if you wanna see some wicked fuel altered racing....

    World Fuel Altered Nationals Baby!!!
    Eddyville Raceway Park
    August 14-15th

    Run Whatcha Brung!! And Pack A Lunch!!

    2008 World Fuel Altered Nationals

    and just for the record... there is another 'sean'.... who? what? (only kidding dewitt!!)
  11. HEMI6point1

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    Just a quick question for a fuel altered guys:

    Are any going to be at Moroso for the nostalgia race in November?
  12. Spanky

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    gotta agree with that comment... very cool hot rod. great blend of old/new tech and nice people :cool:
  13. Spanky

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    man i wish!! gotta be way better than kansas in november!
  14. JT

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    We are alive and well just a little more high tech than most remember. You can see the OFAA run on Inside Drag Racing this Sunday at 5pm eastern. IDR is being shown on the ION Network, DISH channel 181 and Direct TV channel 305.

    Hey Sean...put that saw away! You're starting to scare me. Hopefully I'll be bringing The Punisher up to Eddyville this year. That championship needs to come back to Texas again! :)

    Wes did you find a car finally? Can't wait to see you testing.
  15. Spanky

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    man... glad to hear you guys are coming!! gonna be a blast!

    ha ha!! you should be scared man! i had the sawzall out for a reason... me and the boys were tryin to take some weight off the nitro-madness car so we can paddle some texas a$$ at the WFAN! figured we'd chop the steering wheel off since i don't use it much!

    but your gonna have to be patient for your whoopin... cause the line is growing: dewitt... chris white... randy "what's his name".... am i forgetting anyone? :eek:

  16. You!

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    Ego check...10% in the tank doesn't make it a fuel altered.
  17. JAG

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    I'm bringing the Hooters Girls to distract Scott so Sean can tip the tank..lol
  18. Spanky

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    ouch bill... that cuts! guessing you haven't been around too many altered guys??? the only thing more fun than running these cars is running our mouths.. it's all in good fun man.

    where is the darn coneshark when i need him!!??

    and maybe i do have an ego issue??? i've been whipped plenty of times by some really cool teams/drivers! :p


    welcome to class bro...

    and just for the record... i've driven 90% altereds... and 0% altereds... both are a handful
  19. Spanky

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    ok dude... are you serious?? some things just shouldn't be joked about!! :cool:

    man greg... bar-b-q... hooters girls!! don't forget to drop by and pick up your crew shirt man... your hired!
  20. RAPID

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    I tried about everything I could think of to get more % in there. :p

    Scott keeps a tight grasp on the nitro jug. :D

    Sean, you think the car owners would notice we took the hot rods and went to FL over the winter??? :D

    Rapid {Good thread by the way}

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