Tommy Johnson, Sr., life long NHRA racer, beats cancer

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by ProStockJunkie, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. ProStockJunkie

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    When Doctors Lost Hope, Tommy Johnson Sr. Defeated Cancer With Alternative Medicine

    For Immediate Release by Deb Williams

    MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- Ten years after Tommy Johnson Sr.'s oncologist told him to prepare to die because the chemotherapy treatments weren't working on his colon cancer, the Iowa native is enjoying life with his family and his grandchildren.

    How did he beat the odds? Through exhaustive research that led him to an alternative medicinal regime currently shunned by government regulating agencies.

    In Johnson's just released, self-published book “The True Story of How I Survived Absolute Terminal Cancer”, the former drag racer describes the emotional roller-coaster he faced while desperately trying to find a cure after being told he had only three months to live. In his 80-page, paper-back book, Johnson details the daily regime he uses to keep the cancer at bay, shares his medical records and talks about how the life altering event changed him personally. He also candidly expresses his opinion regarding a cure for cancer and why he believes the medical industry doesn't want to find one.

    In this emotional rendition of his battle with colon cancer, Johnson encourages people fighting the dreaded disease to never lose hope and to take control of their destiny by researching alternative treatments. Written in the first person, Johnson honestly reveals every emotion he faced and the various thoughts that raced through his mind after being given his “death sentence.”

    For more information on the $19.95 book, “The True Story of How I Survived Absolute Terminal Cancer” or to schedule an interview with author and cancer survivor Tommy Johnson Sr., call (704) 576-6971 or e-mail him at

    FOR MORE INFO SEE: Tommy Johnson Jr. - Cancer Book
  2. Ugly one

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    Be ready for a very colorfull read knowing Tommy Sr.
    Great to hear that he is still doing well.
  3. super duck

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    I've heard that alternative medicine can do this. Also heard the gov. & drug companys do'nt want a cure either.
  4. DaveRenk

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    What a cruel thing to say!
  5. Mike

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    David, not at all. I lost a sister the sametime that Tommy Sr had cancer and I feel that She would be here today had alternatives other than chemo had been offered to her.

    Sorry to say but cancer is big business.
  6. Bobby Bennett

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    David, that's reality.

    You mean to tell me that we can put a man on the moon, pinpoint a direct location for a missile, and can't find a cure for cancer?

    This coming from a man, who lost a mom and dad to cancer.

    After seeing what happened to mom from chemo [when I was 13], I begged dad not to take chemo. But, he did and was dead in a few months. I know my story is not the same as everyone's out there and there are those who have beat it with chemo, but it's hard to convince me they have the patient's best interests in mind.
  7. Jim

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    Tell that to all the people who've been saved from previously untreatable cancers.
    We're throwing Billion$ at the many forms of the disease.

    I look at alternative medicine in the same way I regard Chiropractic.
    Employing EITHER first or to the exclusion of proven "conventional" treatments can be dangerous to your health.
    That said, I'd try either if I didn't have (or want) the alternative treatments (i.e. back surgery).
  8. n/a

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    I saw TJ Sr. on 'Pass Time' a couple of weeks back...

    Glad he's beat it!!

    I'll buy the book!

  9. Ken

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    I don't know about alternatives methods of treatment, but I do know traditional methods can provide miracles. Our son was Stage 4 with Hodgkins Lymphoma. He received a very aggressive chemotherapy and two weeks ago received his annual check up. He is not 4 years cancer free and living his NHRA dream as clutch man on top fuel dragster.
  10. Mike

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    Ken, congrats to your friend but the sucess rate of chemo is really very low.
  11. DragFan2

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    Mike, I think Ken's "friend" is his son.
  12. Mike

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    Opps, thanks Kurt! Sorry Ken but still best to your son.
  13. rocketman

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    Mike are you still eating those approcot seeds?
  14. Mike

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    Rich, pretty close to 10 years now.:D:p
  15. super duck

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    David, just repeating what I have heard. Not my opinion. Lost a Grandmother to cancer , my Step-mother had breast cancer & a good friend & my wife's boss passed from cancer.
  16. Suzie Q

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    I haven't been on here in a looong time. I am not posting anything about drag racing........just what my husband Mace & I have been going through for the last 5 months. I feel that it is a bit of a connection with cancer & Tommy Johnson, Sr., so I think it is ok to post!

    My husband has small cell lung cancer. Mace's is in the "Limited stage" Small cell has 2 stages...Limited (not in the bones or brain =chance of survival..up to 5 years) and Extensive (in the bones & brain = survival rate...2-3 months, maybe) He has gone through a VERY agressive treatment of chemo & radiation. He went through 35 radiation treatments on the tumor & one lymph node (7 weeks @ 5 days a week) and at the same time 4 rounds of chemo (3 days in a row each round while having radiation at the same time)

    He is now undergoing radiation on his brain as a preventitive measure. Small cell lung cancer likes to get into the spinal fluid and go & hide in the brain. The preventitive radiation has shown positive results.

    I thought we were going to lose him about 4 times during the treatment! Thanks to all of our wonderful family & friends for the power of prayer, he survived the treatment. From what I have seen in the statistics, most people don't survive the treatment. Thank you to his BRILLIANT doctors & their staff as well for taking such great care of Mace!

    They knew what a star they had in their care! I made sure they all knew how talented Mace is and how special he is to #1 ME & the rest of the musical world! Not that his talent gets him any special treatment, but they really dig our music! They also think I am totally nuts (by telling funny stories!) and he is totally cool! (AS HE ALWAYS IS!!! Just ask my brothers!)

    I feel that miracles can happen! I don't fool myself with the "general data". The power of positive thoughts usually prevail.

    I know there are negative posters out there, and I am not trying to censor anyone, but please keep the negative thoughts to yourself. Believe me, I have already thought of them and have experienced them first hand. Just have a heart if you can.

    Sorry to ramble on.......but the results are good for Mace. He responded very well to the treatment. The tumor started out at 2-3 is now down to 1/2 inch. They are going to monitor the tumor and if there is any change......they will hammer it again.

    Thank you to Tommy Johnson, Sr. for your courage & helping to inform me of more avenues. You are such an inspiration! All of us kiddos just love ya!

    The main focus is.......quality of LIFE!!! Breathe every everyone.....make sure you TELL them you love them........shake your butt........SMILE ALL THE TIME............and........breathe in the NITRO!!!

    Fire up the engines Y'all!!!


  17. rocketman

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    It all depends on where it is and when they catch it. I was just at a funeral for a 14 year old and it's heartbreaking. That said, i know a boy with a 30 percent chance of surviving win the battle and is doing well 8 years later. Thank God for doctors but thank God also to doctors and the drug industry. Many more cancers are now curable thanks to doctors.
  18. willy

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    Nice to see ya, Suz!! And thanks for the update..glad things are better.
  19. ProStockJunkie

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    Thanks for sharing Suz. Prayers continue for Mace (and YOU).

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