This ought to be interesting for Larry Dixon

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by *******, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Sean D, shondoo

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    Can't wait to see how this plays out.........

    Sean D
  2. TR

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    Yes this should be interesting, is there a chassis spec for a two seat dragster? I'm sure it is to spec for a single seat since McKinney built it. That 1.3.1 part is interesting, might be put into play on some of the diving questions going on now. Just my 2 cents. I like Dixon, he is always a good interview.

  3. Pete

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    Sounds like they didn't remove the NHRA chassis cert, on an "unauthorized" dragster, which was seen at SEMA. Come on NHRA, really? Suspension?
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  4. stitcherbob

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  5. stitcherbob

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    By the way (yes millennials, that is BTW spelled the old fashioned way), didn't Leah Pritchett run the Dodge Demon in the 1/4 at 9.65 without proper safety equipment at Gainesville...a sanctioned track?
    No ban for her from competition.....hmmm
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  6. Jer

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    Thats why they dont post times on the timing board anymore,just a big ole blank
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  7. MHayes

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    Bob, you should take another look at her Demon before jumping to conclusions! :rolleyes:

  8. mgty3whlr

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    Yes but, she ran it at Englishtown on an NHRA track with an e.t. well under what NHRA requires for a roll bar!
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  9. MHayes

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    Her Demon has a "roll cage", not a "roll bar"! Read the rulebook, sections 4:10 and 4:11!!
  10. FABMAN

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    I think NHRA still tee off about Gainesville !!
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  11. ironpony

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    Apparently NHRA did not certify Larry's 2 seat dragster, it had a single seat inspection tag on it. Why suspend Larry ? suspend the people that built it and put a fake inspection tag on it, Murph Mckinney??Perhaps someone can link the NHRA article.
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  12. ironpony

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    Larry can't catch a break, does he live under a black cloud? Someone in his family piss off NHRA?
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  13. HEMI6point1

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    Wasn't Larry going to charge 10 grand for a ride in it?

    Would not be surprised if this is what happened behind the scenes:

    NHRA: Larry, we heard that you are going to charge people 10 grand per ride in that dragster.

    Dixon: That is correct.

    NHRA: Well then you must give us a cut of that fee if it's at an NHRA race.

    Dixon: No way!

    NHRA: Well then. Enjoy your suspension.

    I mean, couldn't they have gone after the chassis builder or something? I seriously don't think the NHRA levied this based on safety alone.
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  14. MHayes

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    Let this scenario play out and see if you blame the NHRA:

    Someone takes a fun ride in Larry's 2-seater and something happens during the run. The person riding along is hurt (or killed) because the chassis broke during the mishap. Well, the chassis had a tag on it that said it was certified by the NHRA, so I guess the NHRA would then be the target for the multitude of lawsuits that are about to ensue.

    Get it??

    Sounds to me like Murf McKinney and Larry F'ed up, but the first thing everyone wants to do is blame it on the NHRA.
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  15. Nunz

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    In an age where you can't create any new part for a fuel car without NHRA's blessing, I'm surprised Larry didn't go to them before he even started the project. As others have said, a fuel car is a whole different animal to have a passenger aboard. Not saying it's not a cool idea, and I'm a huge Dixon fan, but seems maybe he skipped a step. Has he had anyone in it with him yet? Or just promoting the deal so far? I hope Larry can get this sorted out, he's really all in on the sport and is working hard to promote and grow it.
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  16. Just Paul

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    This is all crazy talk. I don't think it's a brand new purpose built 2 seat car. I think it's 2 old cars put together. I'm sure the front part (driver to nose) had a sticker on it from being run as a normal car, and it was an oversight when the thing was put together at Murf's. No fake stickers or any of that BS.

    PBIR is an IHRA track BTW.
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  17. swervin

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    I bet the passenger is a hell of a lot safer than anyone of the spectators sitting in the Mello Yellow trucks NHRA pulls up to the starting line with while fuel cars are running! Clearly there is more to the story is. I would think that none of us here were involved in that discussion.

    On the other hand for those that remember Doug Herberts starting line explosion, would you like a ring side seat to that taking a direct hit from shrapnel of the exploding motor or a fireball? NHRA should be thinking about everything, not singling out one when they have their own potential disasters to watch out for.
  18. mgty3whlr

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    Now it does but, Did it have one when she ran the 9.6x? filming the commercial? prob. not, until NHRA posted their letter.
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