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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by Dave, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Dave

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    Check out the new Steve Reyes Gallery at

    Steve Reyes Gallery

    We are starting with 60 images, but hope to be adding more images on a regular basis.
  2. MM

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    very cool.....Reyes is one of the best!
  3. Bubba

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    Fantastic pics. Definitely triggered memories. That shot of Shirley Muldowney in the pink sweater looks like it's from a photo shoot that ended up on the cover and the inside of a Drag Racing USA issue. Can anyone confirm that?
  4. The Swegian

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    Way cool! The pictures are so vivid, they look like they could have been taken yesterday.
  5. Dave

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    Brent - I can't confirm it, but a number of the shots are from magazine shoots, so it wouldn't surprise me. My favorite is the shot of Bob Contorelli's rear-engined Funny Car with the ducks and geese walking through the foreground.
  6. brain

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    I heard through the grapevine that you had a issue with the ole ticker a couple of weeks ago. I hope your hitting on all eight and feeling better. If you need a photo assistant at the season opener, I can dig out my old Canon I used back in my Byron Dragway days. Or I can leave it home and just carry your stuff around for you. All kidding aside, I was relieved to hear it was minor and you're doing okay. Wish I was coming out to see you again. You know I always said I wanted to race at Pomona just once before I retired. Maybe in November. Take care of yourself and keep in touch.

  7. Dave

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    Thanks for asking. I'm doing great. Just a little cardiac wake-up call. Two stents and I'm almost as good as new. I got lucky and the docs say there is little or no damage to the heart.
  8. Namely Nick

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    Hi Dave,
    Its always best to start the season with a fresh valve job....glad you're OK. By the by....Steve's work has always been some of my favs, thaks for posting..
  9. Dave

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    That's what I'm telling everyone....that I just went in for a tune-up! :)

    An expensive one, but just a tune-up.
  10. Namely Nick

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    Just be thankful it wasn't a "rear main seal"
  11. Bubba

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    Glad you're doing well, Dave. Look after yourself!
  12. gerrymack

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    Good to hear you are doing well and best wishes to you Dave.

    Kind regards,

    Gerald McDornan
  13. sammi

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    Hey Steve!

    How about kicking loose a couple of those "special" Jungle Pam shots you mention in your funny car book. :D


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