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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by mike Omalley, Jul 22, 2006.

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    I am a big fan of the SS/AH class. I like heads up racing and this is one race that fans can really understand. The west coast hemi team is a profession sportmans team that is good for the sport of drag racing,Jeggie will be driving one of there cars at the US Nationals. 32 cars are enter for the Indy race so they have a full field.This is more for bragging rights,because the money is only 10,000 to the winner.So if you like to see heads up sportmans racing stay in the stands to watch this race. :)

    Cars and drivers enter.
    Harry Holton 68 cuda WCH
    Jeg Coughlin 68 cuda WCH
    Jerry Jenkins 68 cuda WCH
    Joe Teuton 68 dart
    Jerry Caro 68 dart
    Randy Hopkins 68 dart
    Joe Faherty 68 dart
    John Rains 68 dart
    Jim Hale 68 cuda
    Fred Henson 68 dart
    Darrell Marvel 68 cuda
    Randy Warford 68 cuda
    Wendell Howes 68 cuda
    John Gifford 68 cuda
    Dave Raybourn 68 cuda
    Rick Houser 68 cuda
    Jim Pancake 68 cuda Record Holder
    Steve Baughman 68 cuda
    Bucky Hess 68 cuda
    Michael Barton 68 cuda
    Dave Barton 68 dart
    Bob Wolkwitz 68 dart
    John Baughman 68 dart
    Al Smyth III 68 cuda
    Bill Brooks 68 cuda
    Stewart Way 68 cuda
    Matt Hensley 68 cuda
    Joey Wilkes 68 cuda
    c westcott 68 cuda
    Rick Johnson 68 cuda
    Bill Collett 68 cuda
    Mark Howes 68 dart
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    One thing I was glad to see happen was the inclusion of the 4-speed cars in the Hemi Challenge/Shootout.Still would have liked to see the cars remain as SS/A and SS/AA,they owned the class for many many years.
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  3. Julie7549

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    Hey Mike ! I wouldn't call us a professional team, though I hope we act professionally. We're all working stiffs (or in the case of my Dad, retired) just trying to have a good time. Granted, we are fortunate that we have a nice financial foundation from the team owner, Michael Ogburn, but we all work and fit drag racing into our schedules like most other sportsman teams.

    An even bigger race, than Indy, for the SS/AH contingent is upcoming at the Maple Grove Dutch Classic in October. Mopar has added it to its list of Hemi Shootout races and many others have joined to make the overall purse around $30,000. The weather will be nicer than Indy and there won't be limits on cars in attendance due to the dreaded grade point issues. It ought to be a fantastic race!!

    Hope to see you at Indy!
  4. Professor Dave

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    Are you coming to the Dutch with the rest of the team? If so, hope to get to finally meet you in person.
  5. Sully

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    Hey, how about this coming weekend, in Columbus. The Hemi Shootout will be run on Friday, along with the other class eliminations and shootouts.

    Jeg's may sponsor the race, but the SUMMIT Drag Race Central team (me) will be there anyway.
  6. Professor Dave

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    We'll be there. I'm looking forward to class eliminations in comp. There could be three cars in L/AA. Stop by and say hello if you get a chance.
  7. Julie7549

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    Yes, Dave, I will be coming out with the team in October. I'm looking forward to seeing the countryside and meeting internet friends.

    Larry, didn't mean to slight next week's race. We aren't going so it's not a big priority for me, right now. :) I would imagine there will be a good two dozen cars for that race, if not more. And without Summit and Drag Race Central I would go crazy waiting for race results!!
  8. Sully

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    See you at Indy, then Julie.

    Without Summit and Drag Race Central, I'd be going crazy too. Had to miss a couple weekends to get some maintenance done and had a bad case of cabin fever by the time I finally got back on the road - even getting rained out in Cayuga was better than staying home for the weekend.
    :D :D
  9. Nitro Member

    Larry your right. And without your great work with DRC I also would be lost. so thanks.

    JEGS Sportsnatrionals
    SS/AH cars Enter.
    Wendell Howes 68 Cuda
    Jim Keyes 68 Cuda
    Dean Mink 68 Cuda
    Jim Pancake 68 Cuda
    Dave Barton 68 Dart
    Mike Barton 68 Cuda
    Brooks Lee 68 Dart
    Bucky Hess 68 Cuda
    Mark Howes 68 Dart
    Matt Hensley 68 Cuda
    Fred Henson 68 Dart
    Darrell Marvel 68 Cuda
    Randy Warford 68 Cuda
    c westcott 68 cuda

    I would guess maybe a few more will just show up.:)
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  11. Toejam

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    I've planned to go to Reading twice but the Cash just wasn't there! Didn't matter since it rained out both times!:confused:
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    Jim Pancake Wins Shootout.

    JEGS Sportsnatrionals
    SS/AH cars Enter.
    Wendell Howes 68 Cuda
    Jim Keyes 68 Cuda
    Jim Pancake 68 Cuda
    Bucky Hess 68 Cuda
    Mark Howes 68 Dart
    Matt Hensley 68 Cuda
    Fred Henson 68 Dart
    Bob Wolkwitz 68 Dart
    Randy Warford 68 Cuda
    c westcott 68 cuda
    Joe Teuton 68 Cuda
    John Baughman 68 Dart
    Joey Wilkes 68 Cuda
    John Gifford 68 Cuda

    14 Cars ran in the Shootout

    JIM PANCAKE was the Winner
    Joey Wilkes was Runner- up

    CONGRATS go out to JIM PANCAKE Great Job.:)
  13. Sully

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    The hot talk at Hebron was that a couple of the big hitters were building manual transmission cars for Indy - they feel they will pick up a hundredth or more with the switch (I heard everything from a tenth to a hundredth). Gonna be interesting.
  14. Nitro Member

    Hi Larry,I know that the westcott are building a stick car,and Dr. beshore was also going to build one,But Beshore has no grade points and I not sure his car is done,Sr westcott was going to drive the stick,so maybe jr. will drive beshore car if its done, I know they think nobody else has driven a stick so they would have the upper hand on everybody. I know is sounds easy but being a ex-hemi stick guy I not sure thats they way to go in this day and age unless you can use what the pro stocker have. Just my 2 cents we will see at indy.:D
  15. Julie7549

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    Right now the sticks have a 40 pound weight advantage on the autos. After the initial AHFS results, the autos got hit another 7hp and the differential would have been 80 pounds. Thankfully, NHRA recognized a few errors in their calculations and revised things back down. I may be naive but I still see the autos on top.
  16. crewcheif gt/aa

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    the autos will always have an advantage do to repeatability. Good luck this season at indy. Is Jeggy driving again(dumb question). The east coast race should be real fast for you guys. Sea level or below conditions that time of year. Barring the "R" word. Will you be at pomona for the finals or is that another no super/stock event? Be safe and win races.

    formally known as 7823crewcheif. Good thing we went to real names as I haven't been doing any crewcheifing in the past couple years.:mad:
  17. Nitro Member

    Who do you Pick to win the Shootout?
  18. Demon

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    Just a guess,but the shootout winner will be Bucky Hess
  19. Ken

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    Anyone know what happned to these hemi cars from a couple years back?

    Ed Schartman SS/AA Dodge Dart (great looking car!)

    Arlen Vanke SS/A Barracuda and hemi Belvidere
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    Bill Collect Crash his SS/AH car at Norwalk,Ohio at the IHRA race.

    Reported by Larry Sullivan

    Bill Collett,Grafton,W.Va.,was transported to fisher titus medical center for evaluation folling an accident during the first round of Super Stock qualifying at Norwalk Raceway park.

    Collett,a 62-year-old teacher and counselor,was driving a SS/AH 68 Plymouth Barracuda. The car's Trans failed as he approached the finish line,dumping oil under the tires. Collett's car lost control,sliding across the line at 139.26mph. He hit the wall,then slid across the track and hit the opposite wall before sliding to a stop on the track.

    The car burst into flames,but collett exited the car with the assistance of safety crew.He did not appear to be seriously injued,but was disoriented and was transported as a precaution.

    He has been released from the hospital. and is on his way home.


    Congrats to Mark Howes on his class win at Norwalk,Ohio in SS/AA
    Runner-up Wendell Howes

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