Rick Stewart Retiring

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by Bobby Bennett, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. MHayes

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    Wow, I didn't realize that Rick was 70 years old! Kudos to him....hope he enjoys his retirement!
  2. Rajunz

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    Yep, hope he enjoys his retirement, it's sure going to be different/wierd seeing someone else up there.
  3. Jer

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    Enjoy your retirement,hope the next starter doesnt bobble his head like iceman when there was a staging duel lol.
  4. HEMI6point1

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    Going to be odd not seeing ol' Rick putting himself between two bombs every race weekend.

    Enjoy your retirement Rick!
  5. JB3

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    Knew it wouldn't take long for someone to make a stupid comment. The guy is 70 and retiring. He was hand picked by Buster to become the Starter. Like many jobs, his was open to some individuality. As long as his Superiors didn't mind, why should you. He doesn't work for you.

    • How about congratulating Rick on a nice career?
    • What about his dedication to the sport?
    That is what many don't understand, acknowledge, or appreciate. They just go by what they see on TV or at an event. Sure the actual Starter job seems real cool to many, but ...

    • How about the fact that he spent 25 or more weekends (5-6 days / week) a season away from his wife and family to do something he loved.
    • How about the travels days?
    • How about living in a hotel for days on end?
    • How about the looooong hours on your feet at the age of 70?
    Jeez :mad:
  6. Jer

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    stupid comment,lol. was more of a joke,but also fact.
  7. JF

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    I agree, He was also a racer. Has he made mistakes? Sure! but who on here hasn't made a mistake?

    I not glad to see him go, nor am I glad if he stayed. He never caused me any problems. Just activated my tree
  8. Muddy

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    99.9 % of the time he did exacly what any oficial should do and that's be transparent. On those few occassions he had to become more noticible he did a great job except for 2 or 3 times. That's a great record in any position. We'll be lucky to get another as professional and knowledgeable as him. Good luck Rick and THANKS for everything you are and did.
  9. mw6789

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    Rick Stewart taking over for Buster was kind of like replacing Bear Bryant. Its hard to fill in for someone looked upon as a god. Story says he was a director of a radiology department in a hospital???
  10. TR

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    Well did he do all of this for free? There are a lot of people who have other jobs that have to do all the stuff you just mentioned. Give me a break, it's a once in a lifetime job, he wanted to do it. Most people hate their jobs but he loved his so give us a break if some didn't really care for him. Jeez.

  11. Butch

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    I know of a football coach that might be looking for a job.:eek:
  12. clwill

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    I wish the man the best, and I am sure he is a nice guy. I've no info on what the pros feel about him, but there is not a lot of love lost among the sportsman racing community. On several of the racer forums the posts in response to this announcement are 10-1 of the "don't let the door hit you..." variety. I've only been on the line a few times with him, and really have not much to say positive or negative (although he did try to tell me a random dzus he found was mine when it clearly came off the car in front of me).

    On a positive note, the rumor is that his replacement will be Mark Lyle, the D6 starter, who is absolutely awesome. One of the hardest working guys I ever met, and very tough, but fair. He owns his starting line, you're just there to race. Mark would be fantastic.
  13. MM

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    My experience with Rick is this. Rick Stewart on the starting line is different than Rick Stewart off duty, as can be said for many of us. He takes his job seriously and does it the way he sees fit. Congrats on your retirement Rick!
  14. mike

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    I don't know the man, and I wish him well in his retirement...

    but he always reminded me of the sort of baseball umpire that made calling balls and strikes more about himself than about the pitcher and the hitter...
  15. .

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    Enjoy your retirement, Rick! :cool:

    It's too bad that ESPN didn't spend a little time interviewing him, he deserved it.
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  16. The Little Lizard

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    Rick! Thank you for your fine service through the years and being an ambasador for the sport! :D
  17. DrRocket

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    Enjoy your retirement Rick. Who knows, maybe you can put together another race car and make a few more laps!
  18. Jenn

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    I loved Rick Stewart! I had one year under Buster and the rest under Stewart. I know I was younger than 16 and my parents had to sign waivers to get me in to the RA.

    There were many times when I'd be walking to or from the starting line, and he'd give me a big ole hug and a kiss on the cheek.

    My favorite moment...final round at Denver. We are waiting to run and he yells over 'How ya doin' darlin'?!'. I lifted up my hand to show that I was nervous. He walked over to me, gave me a big hug and said "Darlin' you made it this far, you are a winner no matter what circle you go home too!"

    After the race when we were hanging out in the winner circle I hear a horn honking. I look around and there's Rick in his rental car. He waves me over pulls my head into the car, gives me a big kiss on the cheek and said "I was rootin' for you!"

    Then when I was parking my ATV near the grandstands in Vegas, I nearly ran him over while he was talking to his wife. He goes "That's my wife, she's pretty cute from the front, but even cuter from the back!"

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