Pro Stock to have 8 car fields...............

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by ironpony, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Sean D, shondoo

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    That is absolute GOLD!!!! Lol!!

    And for the record, I don't really think the ticket prices are that out of line. It's an all-day gig, with one hell of a variety of stuff to watch on the track, as well as see/learn off the track, even with Pro Stock's absence if that were to happen. Attendance numbers, which I'm admittedly not educated on, may dispute that, but that's just my opinion.

    Sean D
  2. Jimbo

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    Sean DeWitt:
    I happen to agree with you that the ticket prices are not out of line and to me it seems reasonable.

    For the NHRA and any other group putting on events the trick is to give the fans more then they are expecting so that they feel it's worth the money they are spending.
    Where things are changing today is the fans have so many more options for where they choose to spend their money.

    Most fans would love to attend more National Events for all kinds of sporting events but they must pick and choose which ones to go to based on their family budgets.
    Today when a family wants to go to any event from drag racing, NASCAR, football, baseball, monster truck races and everything else it's hard to please the entire family wishes.

    This is where the SMART promoter comes in because he runs events where their is something for the whole family to enjoy and have fun doing and where they feel their money was well spent.
    The kiss of death for any event is when you attend an event and on the ride home start thinking about the money you spend and realizing it was not worth it!

    The way to build a fan base is to give them more then they are expecting each time they attend one of your events.

    What do you think is the most important part of putting on a National Event for the NHRA? In my opinion the most important thing is that they make the fans happy and they cannot wait to attend another national event.

    Once you loose the fans it is all downhill from there!

    I don't know if any of you ever attended an event at Charlotte Motor Speedway back in the day when Humpy Wheeler was the promoter but he really knew how to put on a Great Show and he gave the fans the best experience of a life time and they came back with sell out events for years.

    Jim Hill
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  3. Reese

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    I am still waiting on my membership refund from when they cut the National Dragster from 50 to 25. ;)
  4. Sean D, shondoo

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    What kinds of things did he do that differed from what went on at any other Cup race that kept them coming back?

    Sean D
  5. ironpony

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    The majority of spectators are there for Nitro, period. NHRA cutting PS will not even be noticed by most attending.
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  6. Jimbo

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    He had fireworks, sky divers, thrill show cars jumping over trucks, bands playing and jet cars just to name some of the things he did to appeal to the whole family.

    There give-a-ways of vacations, circus clowns and all kings of crazy stuff and it worked.

    Jim Hill
  7. ironpony

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    Just cruising around on Racing Junk, Derek Kramers car and engines are for sale, he is either done or switching to GM
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  8. Paul

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    Didn't Derek say at the last race that since he won the burnout competition that American Ethanol was doubling their sponsorship?
  9. justafan

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    He did. Hoping he’ll have a new ride in 2018.
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  10. ironpony

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    Must be going to Camaro...................
    It will be nice to have some diversity in the class

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