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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by Cliff, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. DG

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    NHRA is likely still "gun shy" after the Pro Stock Truck" debacle they created in the past by cancelling the class.

    A lot of those PS trucks ended up in Competition Eliminator.

    Likely, these new "Frankenstein" cars will end up there too, when this doesn't work!
  2. SoCal Racer

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    Probably right! Here's what NHRA should do to prevent the PST debacle, Part II: tell the teams NOW that beginning 2020 Pro Stock will become a Competition Eliminator class. That gives the owners and teams time to amortize their current investment and have a couple more years of fun. Although I suspect that because this class is mostly a handful of millionaires/ billionaires who want to be on the main stage they will not take kindly to being relegated to a sportsman class......
  3. Sean D, shondoo

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    Could someone elaborate on that whole PST deal? Was there actually a lawsuit, and if so, what were the grounds for it? Is there some sort of written agreement that states the sanctioning body must provide ANY class? If there is, how dumb. If there isn't, what in the world would the NHRA be afraid of?

    Sean D
  4. ironpony

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    3 billionaires tying them up in court, forcing them to spend millions in legal fees, cutting into their "bonuses"
  5. Jack

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    Yes there was a lawsuit that dragged on fo quite a while. As I understand it the NHRA guaranteed the main players that the class would continue to exist, people spent millions on equipment then the NHRA shortly after pulled the class. A settlement was reached (rumors estimated it to be around 7 million dollars) after a lot of litigation. A gag order wass issued to the litigants to not disclose the final settlement.
  6. Sean D, shondoo

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    Thank you. Since it was a new class that was being tried, I can conceptualize such an agreement. But with Pro Stock being around for 50 years, I can't imagine the NHRA needing to be afraid of anything like this now.

    Sean D
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  7. SoCal Racer

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    FWIW, in 1981 NHRA cut the Modified Eliminator classes. The participants were not happy and protested at Indy (I was there!), but that was the end of it. No lawsuits; and no rescinding the decision.

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