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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by PJ, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. PJ

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    Congrats to Michael Burke for taking the win this week.

    Orme still holds onto the season lead
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  2. mikebcurve

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    I don't believe my win this week will be overturned. I was clearly ahead. The finish line photo never lies:D
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  3. none

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    Good pickin', Michael!
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  4. justafan

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    Way to pick 'em, Michael. 3 winners and a runner up!
  5. Bob

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    Congrats Michael!
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  6. mgty3whlr

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    Congrats Michael! I'm gonna buy a used Powerball machine and 48 ping pong balls, write drivers names on them and do my picks that way.
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  7. you

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    With Bob's strangle hold on the top spot, I'm putting the "Winn-or-Weep" line pretty high.

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