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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by PJ, Nov 11, 2012.

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    Thanks to everyone who played this year. With the crash of the old system I appreciate the patience with me in getting results up (and the occasional error).

    A now for a quick commercial break. I volunteer with Special Olympics and take part in a polar plunge for them over the winter to raise money. It is a little cold jumping into a frozen lake in Michigan in the middle of winter, but it is for such a great cause. If you are interested in donating please check out the site https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/pj-sapienza/brighton2013 and thanks.

    Huge thanks to Mark Bell for providing the prize this year. We do have a tie at the top. Years back we did have a tie breaker for a season long champ (actually we even had 2 step process) however I see that I had not put it on the list this year.

    Options are: maintain the tie, use the old tie breakers or flip a coin.
    Those who finished in the top 10 remember to put those numbers on your daily driver. Congrats to all.

    As always I am open to suggestions on any rule/game changes for next season.

    1 Jim Young 417
    John Rogers 417
    3 Rick Farcas 411
    4 Mark Kuehl 403
    5 Mark Krogen 397
    6 Bob Pellegrini 396
    7 Ralph Sajkowski 392
    Bob Webb 392
    9 Jeremy Weaver 385
    10 John Panuzzo 381
    11 Paul Sapienza 380
    12 Bruce Federwisch 378
    13 Rick Atchley 377
    14 Chris Schoen 375
    15 Mike Schroeder 374
    16 Doug Gordon 370
    Ray Ghio 370
    Wyland Burke 370
    19 Robin Sheppard 369
    Walter Garces 369
    21 Lance Peltier 367
    22 Chris DeGidio 365
    Jay Smith 365
    24 Howard Levine 362
    25 Dan Blomquist 361
    Linda Webb 361
    Cheryl Leister 361
    28 PJ 359
    29 Craig Eagle 356
    Linda Sapienza 356
    31 Michael Burke 355
    32 Sean DeWitt 353
    33 David Williams 351
    34 John Foard 350
    35 Phillip Winn 344
    Greg Green 344
    37 Michael Dillon 340
    38 Georginna Sams 339
    39 Mel Smith 336
    40 Doug Campion 331
    Mike Minick 331
    42 Joe Fuchita 328
    43 Eugene Gray 322
    44 Jaime Burke 321
    45 DeVallion Piper 320
    46Karl Stalcup 314
    47 Gary Lum 310
    48 Greg Rice 306
    49 Mark Jones 301
    50 Mike Larson 299
    51 Steven Ennis 295
    52 Michael Veskovich 289
    53 Jim Tiggelaar 288
    54 Martin Thomas 285
    55 Jesse Robinson 272
    Frank Veloz 272
    57 James Shannon 248
    58 Frank Veloz Sr 241
    59 Jim Elliott 233
    60 Alton Forthe 229
    61 Kevin Knauer 175
    62 Corey Daggett 171
    63 Tom Power 167
    64 Makayla Sapienza 161
    65 Jacob Sapienza 142
    66 Steve Helms 141
    67 Julianna Sapienza 125
    68 Mark Rohwein 122
    69 Dean Murdoch 107
    70 Tony Rieck 103
    71 Michael Wright 102
    72 Lee Syrjanen 95
    73 Jerry Soles 87
    74 Alan Peck 77
    75 Billy Gebhart 62
    Kye Veskovich 62
    77 Dave Major 49
    78 Pat Green 46
    79 Erica Ortiz 44
    Corey Michalek 44
    81 Chris Cook 42
    82 Mark Bell 41
    83 Doug Wright 36
    84 David Gawboy 35
    85 Justin League 34
    86 Terry Larsen 33
    87 Teri Sewell 29
    88 Ellen Eschenbacher 21
    Kevin Barrett 21
    90 Nick Dobda 18
    91 Doug Cohn 16
    92 Paul Miller 12
    Phillip Abramson 12
    94 Kevin Bennett 11
    95 Larry Hedge 8
    96 Darrell Reid 4
  2. d'kid

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    Thanks PJ:D

  3. mastertone

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    Thanks for doing this PJ!!!
  4. you

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    Thanks again for all your hard work on this PJ!! Much appreciated!
  5. Walt

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    Thanks PJ, that was fun.
    Appreciate you hosting the game, and all the work you put in.
  6. jpee

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    Thanks.. Did I beat you out of 10th place by 1 point..... Arghhhhhh...

    Are you going to post the results of the last race ...

    Once again thank you & nice job...
  7. PJ

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    Nope thats my dad that you beat out.

    Results of the last race are posted in the picks for that race
  8. Demon

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    Thanks for all the hard work!! Great game!

    I vote for leaving the game as is.
  9. 4d

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    great game again,
    thanks for the hard work and time
  10. The Counterfeiter

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    As always PJ, thanks for all you do. I feel this should remain a tie. John and I fought hard to win so in my opinion we both deserve the title.

    As far as rule changes, my vote is to stay with the present format.
  11. mick

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    thanks a lot PJ....always fun.
  12. rckymtn3

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    that was a whole lot of fun! thanks so much for your time, effort, and patience. I look forward to next season.
  13. Rollout96

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    Thanks again PJ. Good fun!!
  14. Thanks for your time & effort. GREAT fun.

    A) I see Karl's point about making a DNQ sting....
    B) give us a 6th pick, just to make it different next year
    C) let us pick PRO-Mod (if we choose) when they run, like the bikes

    Or leave it alone is fine too.
  15. .

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    I don't really know much about this game only that Sunday in the winner's circle/staging lanes in Pomona, John Rogers was going on and on about winning the pick the winners game. I couldn't get a word in edgewise. :p:D

    LMAO It was great seeing you John and glad your 1st California visit/experience was so great.
  16. G'ginna

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    Thank you PJ. I really appreciate all the work put into this. The rules are fine.

    What's the costume this year?
  17. none

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    Thanks again PJ for all your hard work. Can't wait for next year!!!

  18. justafan

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    PJ, thanks for time and effort that you put in with Pick The Winners. And congrats to Jim and John. I chased the two of all year, but lost any chance I had of catching you at Reading. Looking forward to next year. Like the rules as they are.
  19. PJ

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    Not sure yet, Might do a bikini. Wife keeps saying the chiquita banana lady. I did hang on to the wedding dress just in case
  20. megadeth

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    Thanks PJ you make those Sundays a little extra fun! :D

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