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Papa John Steps Down


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Are you thinking of Del Worsham and Walery's Premium Pizza?

(It's slow here for me at work this week)
Nope, he's thinking of Ashwell's from Oregon and their NAPA car that also had pizza sponsorship. It might have been Wallery's too.
Glad to see Papa John's not only staying with NHRA but maybe more involved now? NHRA's Fast 5 video was sponsored by them, and they covered his race for charity again...
Maybe she lost her license due to speeding tickets...o_O
I heard a story once, probably apocryphal, that Michael Andretti lost his driver's license due to speeding tickets. A requirement of having a CART (IndyCar) license back then was keeping a street driver's license. Mario Andretti had a nominal residence in Monaco, so boom, problem solved, Michael Andretti got a Monaco driver's license and kept right on racing in CART.