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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by Jeremy Hejduk, Jul 17, 2007.

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    This may, by far, be one of the dumbest ideas across the board yet but:eek:, I wanted to see if there is anybody within the racing network that may have the same ideas I do. Because I grew up never seeing what funny cars were prior to 1985:eek:, it interests me to see them that much more:D. With all the nostalgia funny cars being replicated these days and match races being run across the nation, would it be to anyone's interest to make a professional class (possibly on a Pro-Mod or Pro Bike schedule)that includes nostalgia bodied funny cars running the same motor restrictions as Top Alcohol Dragsters (alcohol or nitro injected) or such do to cost:eek:? I've become addicted to all the '70's funny car websites and what-not. I've checked all the local dragstrips in my area and don't see any on the upcoming schedule. Just wondering if anybody may have the following idea such as mine...Thanks.
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    There are a few other sites to look at for the Nostalgia Funny Cars:

    Nostalgie Funny Car News Lots of news on the N/FC's.

    Nostalgia Funny Car Association with member car profiles, rules and schedules of existing events through the end of the year.

    Here is a partial list of nitro funnies we've been putting together in the last week:

    Greg Jacobsmeyer "Allstar Dodge"
    Dennis LaCharite "Back in Black"
    Del Worsham "Blue Max"
    Hodgeson/Jenner "Bubble Up/Pacemaker"
    Les Turilli "Caveman"
    Troy Martin "Chi-Town"
    Lee Jennings "Code Red"
    George Doty "Crazy Horse"
    Dan Horan "Dan's Electric"
    John Dunn "Dunn and Gone"
    Richard Stannard "Beach City Corvette"
    Howard & Nate Bugg "Lil Nate"
    Ed Lenarth's "Holy Toledo"*
    Gary Wright "Joker"
    Steve Nichols "Mill Road"
    Mark Stucky "Nitro Charger"
    Kyle Wurzel "Nitro Pony"
    Steve Plueger/Bucky Austin "Northwest Hitter"
    Larry Pettit "Nitro Psycho"
    Bob Godfrey/Gaynor "Oblivion Express"
    Gary Turner "Pedaler"
    Danny Pisano "Pisano & Matsubara"
    John Powers "Powers Steel"
    Marc Roy "Predator"
    Jay Mageau "Prospector"
    Danny Miller "Rear Gears"
    Gary Dale "Shakey Situation"
    Ron Maroney "Shark Attack"
    Mike Adams "Sons of Thunder"
    Jim Broome "Speed Sport"
    Randy Walls "Super Nova"
    Justin Grant "Stardust"
    Nick Boninfante "U.S. Male"*
    Craig Michael "Vegas Heat"
    Steve Romanazzi "Warrior"
    Jim Glenn "Shady Glenn"*
    Rex Stevens "Stinkin Lincoln"*
    Tim Stevenson "Tachman Racing"
    Leah Pruitt*
    Claude LaVoie*
    Wally Giava*
    Mike Boyd*
    Dave 'Nasty' Benjamin Plymouth Satellite*
    Rick Rogers '71 Mustang*
    RJ Trotter 69 Camaro*
    Famous Amos Satterlee '71 Mustang*

    * Under Construction
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    Better iron out how much to pay these folks before you do anything else or they will just stay home. I don't actually mean that as a slam either. There is huge upset in the nostalgia community over how the class should be run and how much money should be available. With good reason, the owners hope to at least break even with these cars, if not turn a profit. At least have a chance to do that.

    As for the engine type...stick with either the Goodguys/VRA rules or Virgil Hartman's group rules. Please don't even consider ANOTHER set or the internet might crash with all the trash flung back and forth!
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    Being involved in the nostalgia funny car group (crew chief for John Dunn's Dunn & Gone Funny car) I think it would be a mistake to move it to the national event scale. Most that run nostalgia cars make their money match racing, and they can run pretty much what ever combination you want, unless you are in the VRA division. There are very few injected on nitro funny cars, although there are a bunch of alcohol cars. I just don't think the money is there for many of the nostalgia cars to travel the country with out a major sponcer, then the car doesn't look very nostalgic with a sponcer down the side, the old days cars had names, not sponcers on the side. Also most of us do this as a hobby, we have jobs that we need to do through the week, running a national event style format would require a lot of travel (a LOT of money for travel). We have a safe combination that is capable of running high 6's without hurting parts, if you move the cars into a compitition mode we will all run harder to win which means many broken parts and huge expenses.
    Where are you located that you don't see any nostalgia funny car events in your area? If there are none, talk to your local track operator and request it, if there is enough interest there are ways to get cars there.
    The nostalgia cars are getting more popular every year and more are being built every year, check the nostalgia sites and catch a race close to you, if you've never seen a car do a dry hop, you are missing alot, come watch us run sometime, I'll make sure you get a front row seat when we warm the car, then you can see what 90% + smells like.
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    Hey Kenny hows it going bud....Your cutting yourself short there arent ya...You have a tune up capable of running high 6's? Didnt you guys just run a 6.0 somewhere and blow the body off....Now thats nostalgia FC racing...

    I met kenny and John last year at the world fuel altered Nats at Eddyville.. Great people who put on a awsome show..Hell I was videoing the altered when John left the line it went to the wall it touched (A He got it back corrected and finished the pass..Helluva Showman....

    You guys going to eddyville next month? If so I will see ya there we will be videoing for Scott at that event.....
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    We'll be at Eddyville next month..maybe even supply Rapid with
  9. shane

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    Yea, I saw that one..I showed it to my "ride stealing" son...he said he as glad he drank Dr.
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    Yep Shane, I miss typed, I meant high 5's, it's the old age thing.

    Chris, we might be there, I guess the 6.50 class is going to be really short cars, which affects the payout. We may be ther just to make some passes though. It's possible we might be at Cordova that weekend if we don't make Bowling Green.

    Yes, we will be back at Eddyville for the Fuel Altered Nats, there will be no big wheel stand this year though, and look for a high 3 for us, at least that is what I am tuning for and probably what we ar anyone will need to run to be competitive there. We've been in the 3's on several runs this year, and Eddyville is always prepped good, it's a great track. Look for our dry hops, John won't run with out them anymore.
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    If you guys bring that Nova to cordova anytime soon let me know so i can get some video of it...
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    Will do Shane, I know we would love to have video of it. Thanks
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    The Funny Car Reunion is at E-Town next Sunday!!!
  15. Big Sexy

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    Yes, there will be Nitro FC's at Bowling Green. We are not "racing" in the 6.50 class, but we are making two runs each Staruday night at 7:30 and 9:30.

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    Thanks for the reply Justin.

    Unfortunately I would only be able to attend on Sunday, does that mean we would not get to see you run?

    If not, I will stop by the pit and say "hello".
  17. Big Sexy

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    Some may stay, but we are only contracted to make two runs Saturday. One or two may stay for a run on Sunday. I have to get ready for the Norwalk Night Under Fire the next weekend with the Chi-Town-Hustler.
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    You got that right, Shane!!!

    We were in the pair right behing Big John when he "convertible-ized" the Vega on I believe a 6.03 pass! It was unbelievable!!!

    Hope to see you all in Bowling Green!

    Sean D

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