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    Quick history lesson, IHRA was originally formed as a direct competitor to NHRA by a couple of guys (Larry Carrier was the principle) who were mad at Wally, and didn't like what NHRA was doing and thought they could do it better. That hatchet has never been buried. IHRA was competing for the same drivers and teams to leave us and race with them.

    The NASCAR point I was making is that no one calls Hendrick or Gibbs and says "Instead of racing at Daytona this week, why don't you come race at my event at Reinhart Raceway?"
    If I did that, ISC and NASCAR would certainly NEVER let me hold an event on one of their tracks. And IHRA did that in the early days. They did that as recently as two years ago.

    The other point was that NHRA welcomes other racing sanctions as I mentioned, ADRL, NMCA, NMRA, NDHRA, and on and on, even this new organization is racing on NHRA sanctioned tracks. But IHRA has their own member track network and still competes DIRECTLY head to head with NHRA for those member tracks.

    Just for the record because the internet doesn't allow for inflection or facial expression, I'm discussing not arguing, just having a friendly conversation.

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    Is the IHRA even still around? They had a really cool line up in the “good ol’” days, but seem to make wholesale changes every season for the past 10 years.
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    IHRA is ET racing now, altho they will have points for winning a championship in various divisions.
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    A few years back At Speedworld in AZ they held a big Diesel show. Because a couple guys I worked with were
    going to take there trucks I decided to go. Many venders and even had a Dyno you could flex your muscle on.
    Somebody had a Dragster with a Duramax in it making a few passes. I stayed a couple hours, had seen enough of these kids playing with there trucks. Upon my exit I was shocked to see the line all the way back to RT60 still waiting to get in.
    I'm not sure these same cowboys would be interested in a Nitro show, since the majority didn't know how to stage or leave using the tree.
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    NHRDA is basically a drag racing body that runs on diesel fuel, there are different classes and those that follow the tour know how to stage and race, including the big rigs. (It's the Truck Fest type events that tend to bring out the less experienced who just want to make a pass down the track or burn their tires down in the burnout pit) Nitro and diesel sound kind of odd together; but, I can see how this might make a pretty good day for a racing fan/spectator.
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    Around here, Ohio, I see more built trucks than cars. You can build/tune a high HP high torque diesel, have a lot of fun with it daily drive it, get very good mpg all at the flick of a switch.
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    It's a shame they can't work together as separate entities to help grow the sport. One good thing about a strong IHRA that is beneficial to NHRA is that it gives fillers a place to race more that 2 times a year. Gives them a few more laps than they might not be getting now running a few or less races each year, etc. I KNOW there are more reasons than that for a stronger IHRA (as it was, not as it is now). Forget about WHY IHRA was formed. Those people aren't even involved with its ownership or operation anymore, nor was any executive at NHRA around back then. Think about how a open dialogue and relationship between the two would grow the sport and be beneficial to both parties.

    Alan, here is the answer to your previous questions. You will see the IHRA/NHRA relationship between the two, and maybe see why one makes the other better.

    What other sanction do the NFL players play in? - CFL
    How about NBA? - European Professional leagues (don't know what they are called)

    In addition to those there is the AHL and European pro leagues for hockey, AAA for MLB. Other options do exist for athletes and the entertainment dollar in all cases, those alternative sanctioning bodies make the upper echelon leagues better and in many cases they all work together.
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    To my knowledge no one from the CFL has ever ask the New York Giants to switch leagues. And yes, I know that many players get experience in Europe before coming to NBA, but again. Do the European leagues send agents to Oakland asking Steph Curry to quit playing for the NBA and come join us?

    The baseball analogy is not exactly on point as every AAA team has an affiliation with a Big League team. The Reno Aces don't go to Phoenix to recruit Diamondback players.

    The founding of the IHRA was a long time ago, and you are correct, none of the principles from either organization are still in place, but it's not ancient history for a representative of IHRA to solicit NHRA touring teams to jump ship. That has literally happened within the last two years.

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    Mr. R. you loose me when u cite players or participants in your example. my point is regarding the facilities they play in and why is it wrong for these places to host other leagues or sanctioning bodies. as i said before the nhra is the only organization in sports or entertainment that i know of, that forbids tracks from hosting other sanctioned events (IHRA). I checked out the 'ARCA' racing circuit, which can be argued, that they are to NASCAR what IHRA is to NHRA. Several of their events are held at tracks that host NASCAR events also. someone earlier used an example of you would never find a samsung phone in an apple store and while thats true, every other store on this planet that sells smart phones, probably sell both phones, as apple would not have the right to disallow a retailer from selling a competitive phone.
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    Hello Mr Reinhart,

    I can come up with a few (OK, maybe 1) example where pros have moved, but I understand what you're saying (BTW, who is Stephan Curry? Ha ha), What's it going to take to stop looking at ASB's as competition? Its in ALL Sanctioning bodies best interest to work with each other rather than against; to coin a phrase, "to build a coalition" if you will. I get where your loyalties lie, as they should. However, just for fun; what would it take to get all parties to the table? A Drag racing summit where all sanctioning bodies are still separate and independent, but working together to grow the sport as a whole rather than trying to take more pie. What if NHRA said, HEY! we'll help you build a show, but in return this is what we expect from you (running opposite dates, don't take our full time touring pros, etc). What if some other Sanctioning bodies said, "Hey! we think these markets might be mutually beneficial to run our (fill in blank) class in conjunction with your event this weekend. We'll cover our own purse. What if NHRA asked Nitro Outlaw Racing, "Hey! we think we could really boost attendance at this divisional race if there were a couple TF or FC's cars match racing, 2 runs Saturday and 2 runs Sunday, See if any teams are interested. We'll pay them $ X.XX. I think some sanctioning bodies might jump at that chance. I have a million other ideas on the subject too, but some are probably a little far out there.

    Can't we all just get along? - Rodney King
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    My point is this. Why would I cooperate with or attempt to promote an entity that is trying to steal my business by stealing my "Players"? NHRA sanctioned tracks host many different events that are not NHRA events. The NMCA NMRA is a perfect example, they put on a heck of a show, they have no corporate connection to NHRA. They hold almost all of their events on NHRA sanctioned tracks. They have their own classes and they own stars. There's no conflict of interest and no problem. They are welcome in and take full advantage of our tracks to put on their show.

    IHRA until very recently was running many of the same classes as we do, including "The Kings of the Sport" Top Fuel, and actively recruiting our stars to jump ship and join them. That's my point. If you are in a parallel business, then no problem. If you are trying to take over my business by taking my "Players" I'm darn sure not going to help you do it.

    If I am not competing directly with you then we can probably work together, if I have been actively recruiting your best "Players" to leave you and start "Playing" for me, would you be open to allowing me access to your "Stadium" to put on my game?

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    One point to make is you cant take your ARCA car to qualify for the Daytona 500, but you can take your Super Gasser to both an NHRA or IHRA event. Also, the track sanction is a big deal. An oval track for the most part is independent and holds X amount of race per year for multiple groups/series. Where as most drag strips are either NHRA or IHRA. The drag strips rely on the promotion, culture and how they benefit from the HRA alliance to ultimately aid in their success. I feel like in the past IHRA tracks were more racer focused and "laid back" and NHRA tracks were run in a more business like manor.
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    I think it would be cool for the Nitro Outlaws to spice up a Divisional or Regional event. And having Top Fuel and Funny Cars match race at those events is an idea that goes back to the beginning of time. The first WWCS (anybody remember that) event that I ever saw back in the 1980's had booked in match race cars.

    Having Big Show cars come in for a match race has been happening for years and still does. The expense has gotten to the point that it's not as easy for a small track to be able to do it, but Bill Bader still does it Very successfully. And he did it for years with NHRA stars even when he was an IHRA track.

    There is also the consideration of teams that are on the road as much as ours are weighing the upside of a match race vs. the need to be home and take a break.

    As for working together, it also has been happening for years. The local tracks, the division directors, the sanctioning bodies and the local promoters all work to find schedule dates that give them the best chance of success in both racers availability and fan interest. Has the IHRA ever participated in that? I honestly don't know.

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    The old divisionals actually had T/F and F/C fields. 1970's.... Was really like watching a national meet, as 16 car fields and all the sportsmen classes.
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    Back then to be a Champion you added a National Event score to a Divisional Event score for your total, just as the Lucas Series does today.
    That's going WAY back! LoL

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    Way back is correct, to the 70s. WWCS meets really were like a regional/mini national event, but back then there were only about 8 true Nationals per year.
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    Div 7 race at the old Irwindale. James Warren in Warren-Coburn-Miller car runs 5.99 to beat Leland Kolb in the T/F final. Crowd goes nuts, to see a "5" at Irwindale. Yes I was there. James said he saw Leland "all the way down". Ah yes...,.. :)

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