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NHRA TF engine animated graphic: why does it have a water pump?


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Thanks for the caution, Randy. :) But I've seen Alan at the races often enough to have my opinion of why he's in the booth: He knows a lot about racing and he knows how to share what he knows.
I'm just busting Alan's chops. I've had the pleasure of working the booth doing color a few times during the alcohol sessions with Alan, Mike Lewis (a long time ago), Mike English, Nate, etc. Trust me. Racing is a lot easier. You have to be a stat guy, know everything about everything, get to the point quick without everyone saying WTH?, and have to have a real radio announcer voice to go along with it.

I screwed up big time one time (Mike English would say "Which time? All the time?") and one of the unnamed guys said "You should have heard me yesterday." LOL