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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by DaveRenk, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. DaveRenk

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    Three Questions:
    Does anyone have an insight as to how much HP these (500 CID) make?
    What is the current top RPM limit that they run?
    How much HP was to be found over this past off season?

    Seems like things would be fully developed by now but every year ET's drop and MPH goes up.
  2. john

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    I'll guess about 1300HP and a high side of around 9,500 RPM. 5-10 HP would be a good find?
  3. Todd

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    I think KJ said that they picked up about 4-5HP over the winter and were very pleased with that.
  4. Jude

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    I was at Steve Schmidts shop a few years ago prior to the Gators and they were dynoing one of their 500" for his car, (Jethro IV maybe?) he said it needed to be 1350hp or better for him to even bother trying to qualify. He was #16 at the Gators that year.

    I'd bet they are 1400-1450 now. At a tad over 10,000 rpm.
  5. "Dr. Dirt"

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    We've seen the actual dyno numbers from one of this year's competitors at well over 1400 HP @ 9500 RPM so I know they are at least to that point. I wouldn't divulge confidences beyond that information which was openly shared with us however.
  6. DaveRenk

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    So you are saying: in excess of 2.8 HP/CI......What are the small Comp Elem. engines seeing?
  7. Terry

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    Good Question, David! I bet Prof. Ring can enlighten us. Prof. Ring, are you out there?
  8. Johnny Mopar

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    It wouldn't surprise me if it is over 1,400 horsepower. I was in Indianapolis at Indy Cylinder Heads trade show and swap meet over the weekend and they had a Chrylser wedge on display with 1050 dominators pumping out 1,270 ponies at just over 9,000 rpm. I'd venture to say a couple 1350's and a couple HEMI heads would put it near 1,400 horses. It was relatively inexpensive at $32,xxx.xx. That's a lot of motor for 32-grand. I've heard of Pro Stock engines being valued at $100,000.00...each!
  9. Buzzz Miller

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    Very few teams are not seeing well over 10,000 in the lights. A few that have spoken to me run through at 10,300-10,400. I cannot divulge HP numbers as the pro stock world is secretive, and spilling any beans would eliminate me from any loop I may have snuck into, but I have seen sheets that start with 14, and dont have a real low digit as the third number.
  10. pro stock

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    Every dyno is different so numbers are almost worthless. There are qualifying motors making under 1400 while some qualifiers claim to be making close to 1450. As for rpm, the guys making the show probably wouldn't even bother showing up if they didn't turn them 10,200 or higher.
  11. none

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    If there's a Pro Stocker out there that shifts under 10,000 RPM I don't know who it is. And HP numbers are just a number. The reason nobody talks about it isn't a secret, it's that it doesn't matter. I can put an engine on the pump and make the printer say whatever I want. you also need to know that the numbers you hear are corrected HP. And the correction factor is from Disneyland. on all of them. Also Dynos read differently. the same engine on one pump might read 1000 HP and on another one only 950 but it doesn't matter. What you need from a Dyno is repeatability so if you change the timing you know FOR SURE if you gained 2 HP or lost 2.

    Also the old saying that “We don’t race Dynos” is as true as it gets. Everybody with a Dyno has found power in the shop that didn’t make the car any faster on the track. That’s why you tweak and tweak on the pump and then head to the track and see if it really works.

  12. Bullet

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    Alan hits the nail on the head right there.

    I have heard of lots of guys who bounce from Dyno to Dyno trying to get a happy reading. The key is using the same dyno and repeatability of each pull to see whether you really have made any improvement.
  13. Old Sg

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    The equation for HP is Torque x RPM / 5252 = HP

    So at 5252 RPM Torque and HP are the same.

    Make the Torque (the more the better) and spin faster (rpm) and thats the answer for increased HP.

    The combustion engine is just an air pump that turns a crank. The term "horsepower" was coined by the engineer James Watt (1736 to 1819) in 1782 while working in the performance of steam engines.
  14. .

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    Anyone know what, more or less is the compression ratio on these motors?

    About how much advance do they see?
  15. maddawg

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    You're treadin on sacred ground there, my friend...
  16. none

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  17. Johnny Mopar

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    The compression is so high they'll run (somewhat) without the ignition on, much like a diesel.
  18. Comp6992

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    I run Comp A/EA

    My car has a 315 c.i. SB 2.2 with one 850 and makes a tick over 800 hp @ 9600 rpm . We are going back to the dyno next week to find the other 25 H.P. Have been working out valve spring harmonics and manifold fuel distribution issues.

    A good N/A Comp bullet makes over 2.6

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  19. d'kid

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    When I was a kid, I was hearing 16.7
    When I got back to the world I was hearing 17.3
    last thing I heard was right at 18... and that was 17 years ago

    but I also heard, don't believe everything you hear.:confused:

  20. Nitrohaulic

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    Didn't you post something once about valvesprings that seemed to do one thing on a dyno and another in a car? LOL, don't give the vague answer you did above, either! :D Okay, let's cut to the chase. I KNOW you did post about that. I'm trying to get you to repeat it because it was interesting! :D

    I also seem to remember you saying that some foreign engineers had a hard time believing that people were doing with pushrod engines over here what they were, that they said it would be impossible? :D

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