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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by BountyHunter, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. BountyHunter

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    NHRA announced the 2018 FOX TV schedule with Dave, Tony and Bruno in the booth and reporting from the track Lewis Bloom, Amanda Busick, Jaime Howe and John Kernan.

    The Western Swing along with the US Nationals will be televised live.
  2. TSK

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    Overall, that is a very good crew. Glad to see Bruno being used as much as possible.
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  3. mick

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    anyone else watch the back to back to back nhra countdown races on fsn2 last nite?.....noticed they were on around 9pm.
    watched all of st. louis and most of vegas......nice little nitro treat in the grasp of winter.
  4. DixonFan

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    Saw it and tried to watch it but I don't get FS2 :(
  5. sammi

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    Glad to see Bruno working his way up the media ladder. The guy is the complete package. Put him in an AJ tuned top fueler and you will have a world champion without the drama.

  6. DG

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    A large number of 2017 NHRA National Events are scheduled to replay on FS2 over the next couple of weeks!
  7. Nitro Cane

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    I have been on here before ranting about how the FOX station (WSVN) here in S. Fla shows infomercials instead of the races. Does anyone know if I can somehow use my ROKU or any other way to get the broadcasts ? Someone offered to help me with this last year but I forgot who it was . Thanks.
  8. mgty3whlr

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    It was me, P.M. me and I'll help you out, I haven't had cable in 2 years.
  9. megadeth

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    I’m getting ALLACCESS it worked flawless last year and I much rather listen to Alan than foxes crew!
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