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New Texas Track


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Xtreme Raceway Park is now running. Located in Ferris, Texas, in the Dallas / Ft Worth area. 1/8 mile concrete. Track looks really nice from photos I have seen. Don't know if they will have Pro Mod or what, but it sure is nice to see a brand new track open.
Don't get me wrong, this is great and exciting news. I LOVE to hear about the opening of new tracks and this is no exception. But I have to ask why, in Texas no less where they have more land than many countries, don't they build quarter mile tracks? In any case, CONGRATS to you Texans who get to race there. It looks like a really nice facility. :cool:
1/8 mile seems to be a trend. Lots of Pro Mod type races are 1/8 mile. Big $ ET races are 1/8 mile. What I have heard is that the race gets over sooner compared to 1/4 mile. Plus it would have been cheaper to build 1/8 than 1/4. I'm thinking the owner thought that when he built Xtreme raceway.