need help on Shirley Muldowney vs Don Garlits

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by north, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. north

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    say, i was trying to find the win/loss from the Shirley vs Don battles from the past, head to head. i was wondering who had the more wins when they raced each other head to head

    i went to the NHRA website but their site didnt go back when it cames to point stats, results, etc. during the days of Don and Shirley.

    i know Don was mentioned to the be top 1 racer in NHRA and Shirley No. 5 in some ranking system. do people agree with the ranking system as well?

    does anybody had the total wins and loses when they went at it??
  2. Dave

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    Without doing any real research, just going by my memory. I believe in actual NHRA elimination round competition they are tied at 5 and 5. Like I said, this is just by memory. They have run obviously run each other in Match Races and of course qualifying runs, those I'm not sure about. If you are looking for more than this, give me a few days and I might be able to come up with something more.

  3. Bill

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    Brent Hajak (sp?) ought to put Shirley in one of those KILLER 700+HP A/ Stock Automatic 2008 Mustangs and have her chase BIG around the country in his A/SA Drag Pack Challenger!

    Think THAT wouldn't get the fans going???:p

  4. SAS

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    She has no interest in that. That would a big step down from Top Fuel.
  5. SAS

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    Shirley is not happy with Don trashing her at the Kalitta Roast.
  6. John Farce Racing

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    elaborate please
  7. SDR

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    It's my understanding that Shirley and Big are tied in elimination wins. I think.
  8. BaldyLochs

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    The answer depends; are you talking about verbal jabs, snied comments, shouting matches or actual side by side drag racing?
  9. north

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    side by side racing Chris.

    though ofcourse it would be nice to hear about the others, Shirley did had a huge mouth and wasn't afraid to use the words coming out of it to anyone.

    the last time i heard was Don winning and defeating Shirley in 2003. i am talking about all times when they faced each other.

    im also looking for the point stats, results from the previous years that NHRA website doesnt have.

    does anyone have that data or knows of any website besides that contain it?
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  10. Billy

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    In the ND Reader's Choice in 2003 I requested this info, and ND provided it. I believe it was 5 a piece in NHRA eliminations. I have the information at home
    and I will try to verify tonight.
  11. Rajunz

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  12. mw6789

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    Maybe she needs to get a sense of humor transplant. By the way Bill Dedmon--you have a great idea that unfortunately will never come to pass.
  13. mw6789

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    Chris the Kalitta roast was hilarious--do you know if a DVD or anything will be available?
  14. A GREAT IDEA. Heck lets throw Joe Amatto & Eddie Hill in the mix as well, ;)
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  15. SAS

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    Shirley tells me she is ahead in the count, against Big.

    Including the Millinium Race where she both hole shotted him and ran quicker.

    And She beat him at the Nationals.

    And 5 times one weekend on Memorial Day at Union Grove.

    Mustang Muldowney .... you never know
  16. GregM784

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    The AARP nationals
  17. north

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    is shirley a reliable source? lol.

    they race 5 times in one weekend??
  18. SAS

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    Not sure if it was a match race or if it was more than one race over the weekend. Or if it inculded qualifing.
    She busted his balls about it.
  19. clwill

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    Shirley? Bust someone's balls about something? What are the odds? :cool:
  20. north

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    when did this happend?

    anyhow, if Shirley has more wins against Don in Drag Racing. Why is she rank 5th and Don is rank #1?? and why do people consider him a better drag racer?

    i am guessing at his prime he was better though according to you guys they were 5 and 5 against each other in NHRA.

    i know they based it on other criteria, but i thought it was who had better success against other top drivers and how many championships and success as the top criterias

    does anybody have a site of head to head win/loss records by the drivers against other drivers?

    so far NHRA is doing so at this moment with the current drivers when they race against each other in the elimination rounds showing this driver win/losses against other drivers.
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