Moroso Citrus Nationals.

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by HEMI6point1, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. HEMI6point1

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    Had a good time, even took a page from Joe and got some eye candy.... and then one of the jet funny cars crashed.

    From what we could see, the chutes corkscrewed and sent the car into a couple of barrel rolls and into the woods at the end of the track. My dad went to go to the bathroom and I knew something wasn't right when multiple cop cars went down the track.

    When my dad came back, he said he talked to Jessie Harris and Elaine Larson and both were almost in tears, and that's when an NHRA official told them to "pack it in the trailer."

    We left afterwards as I'm sure they canceled rest of the the event.
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  2. tomcat

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    Sam, If I would have seen the thread you posted last nite earlier than before I left today, I would have met you there. I went today by myself and stayed until 6:00 PM. They did call the race off and never made any mention about the driver's condition. From what we all saw, it can't be good. Sorry I missed you there. Great weather and good racing until the end of the day. :(
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    Found this in the, very sad:
    JUPITER - A 52-year-old man was killed Sunday while drag racing at Moroso Motorsports Park, The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said.

    The man, whose name was not released, was pronounced dead at the site of the crash in the park west of Jupiter at 17047 Beeline Highway, deputies said.

    He crashed his "jet funny car" at the track after reaching speeds of more than 260 miles-per-hour, deputies said. He was decelerating when his vehicle's parachutes failed to deploy, they said. He had just completed a run shortly after 5 p.m.

    No other injuries were reported at the track.

    Sheriff's vehicle homicide deputies were investigating the crash.
  4. HEMI6point1

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    Very sad, I got that pass on video, but I am not going to post it for obvious reasons. I DO have his other run, which I may post on Youtube.

    And this marks the first and hopefully last time I witness a fatality crash at a dragstrip. :(
  5. Buddy

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    I was just talking earlier today about Jet Cars with someone today... A friend at the track told me he had just had his car welded at the roll cage 4 weeks earlier and that's where the chassis broke... Very sad to hear and my thoughts are with his family/friends...

    CJ Curtsinger
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    Who was the driver?
  7. HEMI6point1

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    I didn't know, unfortunately. I couldn't get a clear view of anything beyond the finish line so I couldn't tell which car it was and the sun-sentinel doesn't say who either.
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  9. .

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    Wow. That's sad.

    Do they have barrier walls after the scoreboards? I haven't been down to the Moroso 5 Day race in a couple of years but the last time I was there I don't remember being any.

    I have seen a couple bracket cars crash down there and they hit that grass it gets uglier even faster.

    Prayers and sympathies to the family. :(
  11. DrRocket

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    Looks like they pulled the page for now.

  12. HEMI6point1

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  13. HEMI6point1

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    The guardwalls end shortly after the scoreboards. To me that's asking for trouble. They should extend them all the way down the shutdown area.
  14. Bobby

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    I remember the first time I saw pics from that track I think it was back when Big and Shirley raced there into the new millennium. I really couldn't believe my eyes, but the wall on the right lane side ends just after the finish line.

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