More IHRA chaos

Discussion in 'IHRA' started by ., Nov 7, 2016.

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    Can't say I'm surprised. Hope the sportman events keep going. I wanted to attend the Dragway 42 event but it was cancelled both years. They are finally paving the track but I guess we may never see it happen.
  3. MHayes

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    Mike Dunn didn't have a chance there! The IHRA business model already sucked, and to think that Mike had a chance of turning it around with his hands handcuffed behind his back was just a joke. Mike was used as a pawn given his popularity, but hopefully he got paid well in the meantime!
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  4. Pete

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    Jason Rupert said in a recent interview, that he didn't know his schedule for next year....maybe that answers the IHRA scheduling mess?
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    He doesn't know because IHRA has given its racers no information whatsoever since the Martin finale.
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    As much as I hated their stupid decision to move the World Series from Cordova to Memphis I don't want to see the IHRA go away either. I want them to be successful and get back to the great racing of the late 90's to early '00's. This is sad to watch unfold.
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    Thanks Mike
  8. Jimbo

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    Brent Busch I agree with you !!!!

    I also had high hopes that maybe this time things would be different for the I.H.R.A.
    There is no question that the group and people involved who purchased the I.H.R.A. had deep pockets but maybe not the experience that was needed to run the I.H.R.A.

    I am hoping there is still away to make this work and that the I.H.R.A. does not go the way of the A.H.R.A. deal went.

    Just my opinion.
    Jim Hill
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    Interesting article. With the cancellation of the yearly Cordova IHRA race and then moving the World Series of Drag Racing to Memphis, it appeared as if they were moving in another direction. I recently spoke to an RPM driver who told me that the IHRA was eliminating their Pro categories. I'm guessing that the Mountain Motor Pro Stocks will be absorbed as Extreme Pro Stock by the PDRA and ADRL. But what about the Nostalgia Funny Cars and Nitro Motorcycles? They have both contributed to some great racing over the years for the IHRA.

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