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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by FABMAN, Oct 8, 2017.


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    NHRA Live Timing is worthless .
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  2. DG

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    The "old" Live Timing" was great!

    The "new and improved" version still has serious problems!


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    This was first time i tried it, was wanting to follow friends racing at Noble OK shut down Sat. morning and never came back on. I believe all 4 races were dead.
  4. mgty3whlr

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    They need a faster Typewriter. lol.
  5. JB3

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    Live timing is a completely different animal. If it shut down during the Noble race, it was likely related to the set-up or remote connection at the track.

    This is nothing like All Access ... Not a system run directly from HQ. Simply a laptop connected directly to the timing system using a local internet connection. Every division has a set-up and hooks it up themselves at the facility. Quite low tech. Not all tracks are set-up with National Event like connectivity and compatibility. Therefore, if the track is more remote and the local internet sucks ... system works poorly or not at all.

    I would guess 1 of these happened at Noble ...

    1) Internet was lousy and just stopped working, or
    2) Someone forgot to check on it and re-start it if there was an interruption in service

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