John Force Burnout 1995

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by NONE, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. NONE

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    John Force doesn't do as long a burnout now as he used to. Here's a photo I took at Commerce in 1995. I tried to get a good shot of his burnouts all day, and this was the best I could get between all the heads.


  2. Jess

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    Good Times! I loved the Burnouts he use to do. As a little girl I would stand on the seat and cheer every time he came out! :)
  3. Mad Mark

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    It was even better was Skuza was in the other lane!
  4. kingcobrafan

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    I'm pretty sure Coil told him (Force) he was being too hard on the blowers doing those long foggers.
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  5. rollingthunder

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    Was it Dean Skuza or KC Spurlock that was the burnout king ?
  6. d'kid

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    Pat Minick
    followed by
    Russel James Liberman
    Richard Tharp
    Pat Foster

  7. vegasnitro

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    Best burnout I have seen personally is John Force, after locking up the championship at Pomona in '98 or '99 ... all the way to the 1000 Ft cones and coasted out past the finish line ... crowd went BONKERS, myself included.

    My Dad said he once saw Jungle Jim do a burnout at a match race at Edgewater in Cincinnati that was so long he turned off the track and came back up the return road to stage the car!!!
  8. Paul

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    The longest I have seen personally is Brent Fanning. He did a burnout almost to the finish line and then ran the car up the return road in front of the crowd during a match race at E-Town in the mid 90's.
  9. Nunz

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    As a kid in the mid 70's I remember Jungle doing a real long burnout up at Cayuga in Canada and turning the car around at the top end and driving back to the starting line to turn around again. Great show. But I really miss Force's long burnouts from the 90's. I understand how abusive they probably were to the equipment, but I miss them nonetheless. Like I miss dry hops.
  10. jeff

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    I believe he would be disqualified if he coasted out past the finish line on a burnout.
  11. d'kid

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    Back in the day, guys would turn around at the 1000 foot mark, turn into each other's lane, drive back in the opposite, lane, then line up in the lane they started... DQ? As If... it was part of the show 6 nights a week.

    Ya'll that have ONLY seen a 'National Event' have no idea what you've missed:D

    setting in the top end bleachers... watching the fire burn outs
  12. davey

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    Pat Minick is the King of the Burnouts. Period. :cool:
  13. MM

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    Who???? :confused:
  14. Buzzz Miller

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    Like this;
    Not my picture. Used with absolutley no permission ;)
  15. DrRocket

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    I remember one interview where Austin was asked if the long burnouts were a problem for him, tune-up wise. Austin replied that it made no difference to him, as long as John did the same thing every time.

    That was a few years ago, so things have probably changed since then, including fuel and tire costs.
  16. davey

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    Some old guy the youngsters may not have heard of but you may be familiar with him!!! :D
  17. Nunz

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    Buzzz, whoever took that shot, did a great job. Man how can you beat side-by-side melters like that.
  18. d'kid

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    So wanted to post a picture of gramps and one of you with the capt. for a side by side. Have sooooooooo many pictures of the 69 car, but my fav is the Carlbad shot of the car *hitin' and gettin'... not only were they the best burnouts ever, that hot rod had everyone covered by .15....

  19. Kel

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    Oh wow! Totally classic.....I loved it when I saw it live!

    Hey, where's Skuza? ;)
  20. Bullet

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    He was at the KHFC meeting the other week. ;)

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