J.R. Todd and Torco?

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by you, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. you

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    Forgive me if this has been discussed on here before.....but I see J.R. has been running the Torco car at Pomona and Phoenix.

    Does anyone know if this is an associate sponsor deal or what?

    Not complaining....just curious.....glad he's still out there competing.

  2. Toejam

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    I was wondering that very thing!
  3. rocketman

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    I think an exception was made because the deal had already gone to Lucas prior to the big announcement.
  4. kegs

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    I'm not sure if I heard this right or not but in the first round did Paul Page so JR was driving for Dextor Tuttle?
  5. rocketman

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    You did! It was a typical mistake by our own Paul Page! He's known to do that from time to time!
  6. BlueStangGT

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    I'm not throwing him under the bus for this one, I'll bet that it came up on the prompter.
  7. Just Paul

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    Even so, he should of realized that it was wrong.
  8. none

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    Not to hijack this thread, but the substance of this made me wonder....Does anyone else here yell SHUT UP!!!! at the tv when Paul Page is talking??.... or is it just me???:confused::confused::confused:
  9. d'kid

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    Just you Ralph...

    I use the Mute button, any time GG asks How do you feel... he gets on my nerves more than Paul.

  10. clwill

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    I think Forrest Lucas is a smart man, and when he took over the deal he insisted on a solid contract. One that Torco was obligated to fulfill regardless of the state of the other Torco "handshake" deals.

    But I don't know anything for sure, of course, this is just my guess.
  11. clwill

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    Man am I glad to hear someone else say that! Ever time I hear those turnaround interviews I almost throw up in my mouth :)
  12. StockersRock

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    EXACTLY what I've been thinking.

    While I'm on the subject though...

    As I sit and watch many of these Torco drivers struggle with sponsorship or not be racing at all (Dave Connolly!), it really, REALLY burns me that in my MySpace bulletins, just about every freakin' day, there are bulletins from Torco and/or Evan Knoll about the motorcross team, or snowmobiles. I've tried to be understanding through this whole thing, as I appreciate Mr. Knoll's huge-normus contributions to our sport for the last bunch of years, but it sucks.
  13. n/a

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    IMO - I wonder why he is even there...
    His voice reminds me immediately that he's an Indy car guy, not a Drag Racer!!

    Dave Reif (sorry if I misspelled) does a Great job...
    He and DUNN could / should run the whole show.

  14. Nunz

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    Andy, I believe the company involved with motocross and snowmobile racing is Torco Oils, a different company.
  15. Bullet

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    It's definitely Torco Racing Fuels. The guy that won the Houston Round of the AMA Supercross was sponsored by Torco Race Fuels. It was plastered on his jersey.
  16. vegasnitro

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    Indeed it is ... I caught the end of one of the Supercross races in late January (Anaheim?) and the kid wearing the Torco gear specifically thanked Evan Knoll in his interview and wished him a speedy recovery.
  17. willy

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    Not just picking on you, Larry..but:

    I'm not looking forward to another year of Page bashing. I don't mind the guy at all. I guess I just pay attention to the racing and don't really care. I like Mike..and I can even tolerate Paul..but Gary's interviews wank me out more than Page's babbling.

    I'm just thankful that we have the coverage we do..but lots of people on here feel the need to criticize..human nature I guess. I remember when Marty was bashed as well. And Mike was slammed in the beginning.
  18. none

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    This Torco deal is just like a big scab:(..........we know we should just leave it alone and let it heal........but we just can't quit picking at it:rolleyes:
  19. d'kid

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    Must come from being 'around' Seattle... I was born there, guess that's why rain doesn't bother me, but obnoxious questions do.

    I can put up with clueless and tongue tied, but 'how do you feel' makes the questioner look like an idiot, and gives no credit to the viewer.

    "Gee Gary, I fell asleep at the line, made the quickest run in history, and got beat by a car that broke at 800 feet. Life is Great!"

    "You know Gary, My car just burned to the ground, I ran into both walls and now I've got to explain to the crew and the car owner why I didn't lift when I say a small flash in the fire windows after I peddled the car for the third time. We'll do better tomorrow"

    "I just won my First National Event after 20 years of trying. Think I'll take the crew to Jack-in-the-Box to celebrate."

    "How The F*** do you think I Feel?"

  20. Jay

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    I do beleve I herd JR say after the Torco deal went down that they where under a contract with them. No hand shake.

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