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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by Jon Asher, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Jon Asher

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    Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the last IHRA-related posting on Nitromater is dated August 16th?

    If that doesn't indicate a "sanctioning body" in deep trouble, nothing will, because the people on this board are all about racing, all the time. If ANYONE on here had any interest in anything IHRA there would have been at least SOMETHING new on there in the last three months.

    Sad that a once viable alternative to NHRA has become so degraded in popularity and appeal that it's being almost completely ignored, not just here, but by the media in general. Their so-called "national events" are a disaster because they're not about drag racing, they're just a show which shouldn't be billed as something it isn't.

    I put the words "sanctioning body" in quotes because they don't seem to deserve the title by the way they run things.

    Their sportsman competitors are good people just wanting a place to race, but on the pro level they're an embarrassment to drag racing.

    But then again, what do I know?

    Jon Asher
  2. George.

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    Plant corn, get corn.
  3. TR

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    IHRA in this area has started to take over a lot of tracks, Tucson, El Paso, Hobbs, San Antonio and a few others. I know that is not a lot in NHRA's eyes but it is there. They will never be as large as NHRA unless NHRA completely ends up killing itself with some of the stuff they do. They have the keys to drag racing, but IHRA is still there.

  4. James

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    The scary thing is now NHRA doesn't even have a possible competitor. I've always felt the threat of another sanctioning body was a kind of checks and balances on the NHRA's unbridled power. Not that I hate the NHRA but with no competition the "Big Bosses" have one less worry in their monetizing the sport.
  5. Bullet

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    In the period of six years that I have lived in the US, the IHRA has gone from a viable series with Top Fuel (some decent performers), TAFC, good Pro Mod show, Mountain Motor Pro Stock, Nitro Harleys to what is now a sad sad excuse for something that now more so resembles a Monster Truck show than a racing series.
  6. .

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    When they had the IHRA Summer Nationals at Cordova I went each year and thought it was some of the best racing I'd ever seen. It's sad what it's become.
  7. camaro

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    it would seem that the IHRA or any sanctioning body would have the opportunity to thrive somewhat with Pro Mod / MM pro Stock not having a anyplace to race and what with no more 1/4 nitro racing available !!
  8. Shaggy

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    Have any of you guys complaining even attended an IHRA event in the new format? Just because the pro racing is not how you think it should be, does not mean it is not real racing.

    As for Mr Ashers point, people do still care about the IHRA, they just got tired of the NHRA nuthuggers on here and many other sites claiming they are not real racing. As for the media, that is strictly IHRA to blame since they very rarely send out press releases from what I have been told and seen.

    And for the record, I personally would rather spend my time watching IHRA run 1320' then what NHRA has become.
  9. joe fuchita

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    Once the mountain pro stock was eliminated, I stopped following IHRA.
  10. Wes

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    I can barely bring myself to speak about what a shamble the IHRA has become. As a former loyal competitor and employee of the series it pains me to no end what Polburn has single-handedly done to the once strong and viable company. On the other hand, having Skooter Peaco keeping the sportsman series alive and-well-"unique" is the only glimmer of light shinning from Main Street in Norwalk, OH. For those of us that enjoyed the IHRA alternative to the mainstream sanctioning body we have no longer have a home.

    The Nitro Jam BS is nothing more than another version of Feld Entertainment's attempt to capture the monster truck fan base via a different channel. A fan base that does one thing and one thing only: purchase a one-day ticket to a one-day show one time. No fan retention, no brand/sponsor loyalty, no stalker-esque obsession with [insert driver name here], no desire to participate as a racer, no chance of them ever attending a "regular" event at the host track.

    It's not that we don't care. Many of us cared so much that it we now have to look away whenever the subject is raised.
  11. daveo

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    My home track Rocky Mountain Raceways, in West Valley, Utah, west of Salt Lake, dropped NHRA (No Hot Rods Allowed) 3 seasons ago. IHRA has voted RMR the Best Track 2 years in a row. Tomorrow, the racetrack will hold it's 2011 Banquet., and like the past years, an IHRA Offical will be there, giving out Bonus Checks to the local top 3 racers per class... NHRA didn't even send a thank you card for the past um-teen years! RMR is the place where Feld Ent. watched, and copied the Nitro Show! RMR, and the old Bonniville Raceways, (Same address) has always had one of the best Nitro buy in shows at our high alt. 2010 seasons No Box World Champion,Chris Hall calls RMR his Home track also!
  12. kegs

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    Based on the two IHRA events we ran, Salt Lake and Tucson, I would say they're doing a great job and everyone seems to like really like the format. IHRA treats you like they want you there and they offer a different variety of classes compared to NHRA.
  13. Prestaged

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    Why is this thread on the NHRA board?
  14. the zone

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    I was wondering when someone who is paying attention would notice this and comment!!!!

    The Press and media issue is a big thing for us media types. Larry Crum does a decent job but the whole platform has a lot to be desired. Most of the releases are smoke and mirrors and spin to try and keep some excitement going. Plus having other media personnel (they know who they are) calling the shots on some issues is so backwoods it is laughable. Not having real championships and purses for a title is a joke. Yes Peter Gallen is their NFC champion and deserves it for sure. But the way they have two guys race in the end of each day, no qualifying, etc, etc it s hard to give it respect.

    I am one of the few Media outlets that have even given them any press and I am looking at washing my hands.

    As far as Aaron goes, I am sure he does what he is told to do by the owners (be it Feld, Clear Channel or however). The entire Torco deal and subsequent not finding any sponsorship, is the issue. When many of the top pro teams (NHRA, NASCAR, INDY CAR ETC ) and events aren't sponsored the IHRA was forced to what they could to survive. Because of the ownership of the IHRA, the company is a profit based company period. They will not fund a points fund for real championship battles. They made drastic decisions
    and for those decisions, they will struggle to get any type or respect or funding. It is too bad, but they will never be the alternate choice they were a decade ago.

    But the tracks that host one of their JAM’s will have successful events and will make money.
    Fans have to go to their events with a different mindset.

    It is not a good situation for real race fans. Especially when you consider how good the NHRA final few events were.

    Dean Murdoch

  15. Jeff White

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    I think a baseball comparison does a good job showing the difference.

    The NHRA has the regular season and the playoffs with the World Series sorta being the US Nationals. All great for hardcore fans.

    The IHRA is more like the All Star game ... really a celebration of entertainment but not a serious competition. Obviously the IHRA doesn't have the same cast of players, but to say its not enjoyable for the fans and the racers who participate is an overstatement.

    That said, it's not the kind of entertainment that you talk about much after the event itself ... it's entertainment more than competition.

    We ran the San Antonio Nitro Jam event this year. Absolutely packed house (I'd guess 15k paid spectators). Tons of fans coming by and talking ... admittedly most learning about drag racing. We ran in the Top Dragster finals behind a pair of jet cars and monster trucks (or was it monster truck verses jet car) ... I will readily admit that I did not enjoy seeing both sides of the car in a single run (6.60 ET or thereabouts).

    Would we do it again .... sure, we backed out of the win, we've got unfinished business to settle. If my memory is correct, Tommy Phillips may have had two cars in the winners circle, so I'm sure he wasn't complaining.

    But no, we only run their divisionals if we need to test something. Running fast brackets against cars that you are spotting literally a second of head start is not all that fun.

    The guys are nice, but they don't run a hardcore racing organization. That certainly doesn't mean "nobody cares." Certainly nobody who truly enjoys reading this board cares a bunch ... its just not the recipe most of us live for.
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  16. Shaggy

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    Dean I agree on almost everything you have posted... Except a couple things of course...

    The 2 guys that race at the end of the night did qualify for their spots 90% of the time... The remainder was either due to a timing glitch or a car that could not return for the second pass... The 2 guys qualified by being the quickest winning cars of their class...

    The IHRA made their drastic decisions seeing the writing on the wall... I give it less than 10 years and all Big Show TF/FC will be run under exhibition rules due to safety concerns...
  17. Toejam

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    The IHRA really started going down once Bill Bader got out of it! Norwalk was the IHRA Crown jewel, and losing that to the NHRA was the Nail in the Coffin!
  18. jackass

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    IHRA still has a strong sportsman program... thats what paying the bills....

    only thing left worth anything..... shame....
  19. glofria

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    The IHRA has made a significant effort to come here to the West Coast. Word I'm here is that once one track joins up, several will follow. Again more info in the coming months.

    As racers, we like competition. And we want it here in California.

    Mr. Yonemura,give Ken and Sandy Ratzloff my best regards. They told me their are your 2011Top Sportsman Champions.
  20. I have been enjoying IHRA for many years. Looking forward to seeing first hand their new format to judge for myself.

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