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Discussion in 'NHRA' started by NitroRichFire, Sep 17, 2011.

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    If the rumors are true about Austin Coil wanting to tune a nostalgia nitro funny car with his wife Lisa driving. I am surprised that John Force Racing hasn't picked up on this idea and started to run with it. Maybe Force Racing could find one of John's old funny cars and have it refurbished. Personally I like those older funny cars and when they run at a track, the crowds are there, like bees to honey. I would think this would be a win-win for all parties included. John would have Austin back on his team, even if he's running a nostalgia nitro funny car. That way Dean Antonelli, Ron Douglas, Bernie Fedderly, Eric Lane, Jimmy Prock, and Mike Neff, would have another great mind to run ideas for tuning the cars.
    And here's another thought, "Only In America" with Larry the Cable Guy. Why hasn't that show teamed up with a drag racing team. Hey Drag Racing started here and should be on that show!!!
    Thanks for listening hope and pray that everyone is well! Please do yourselves a HUGE favor, go to a dermatologist and get a full body scan. My brother-in-law just passed on from melanoma. If this had been found in time, he'd still be alive today. So please take 30 minute out of your day and get an annual body scan.
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    Wow, that post was all over the place. Sorry about your brother in law but you went from Austin tuning a NFC owned by John Force and driven by his wife Lisa, to Larry the cable guy, and then right into body scans that detect melanoma? :confused:


    As for Austin working for John again, lets not forget about the part where Austin left JFR because HE WANTED TO LEAVE...... not because John let him go? From what I've heard Austin hasn't talked to John since the day he left so I'm sure there is a bit more involved between those two than any of us will ever know. Austin was probably sick of John and needed to get away form that entire situation. I doubt he's looking to go back any time soon.

    And I doubt "finding one of John's old funny cars" will happen. They don't need that old junk. Most nostalgia funny cars today are completely modern with an old "looking" (new) body. Sure, some guys are actually running old pipe but most of the stuff I've seen at the track is fairly modern. In fact, a lot of the NFC's are either brand new, or used "big show" cars that have been handed down after a few years. If John wanted to go nostalgia racing he would probably use one of his recent chassis, or most likely have a brand new car built specifically for that purpose at his in-house chassis shop. :)
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    I think that could be the worst thing that could happen. From what Iv'e read, NFC is already getting too expensive too fast*. You think Force would just pull some old parts out from a dusty shelf? It would end up being the most expensive-most tested-most set up on kill NFC out there. Force racing is way past just having fun--its all biz-all the time.
    I went to the 1st vintage road race at Lime Rock 22? years ago. I thought this was great-the guy that had an old un-competitive MG had a place he could have fun with it. I work in an auto machine shop where our biggest customer has us build 289 Fords for GT350's-Cobras etc. These are cost no object motors-they must have at least $40k in each one. And they dont even flinch when they miss a down shift + spin the tach around twice + destroy them. The cost for the "arrive+ drive" drivers is $15k a weekend-IF them dont break anything! This is modern racing-just with old cars.
    I'm betting if it hasn't happened already-the price + competitive "creep" will start making nostalgia drag racing the same as modern racing--just with year limitations on what you could run.
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    I think that Austin and Lisa just want to do this and have fun & travel together, not be in any type of pressure situation. It would be great to see them out there in that capacity. She's a great driver, I've seen her make some impressive passes in Tom Motry's car.

    Just my two cents
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    Brian, thanks for the information, alot of that information I did not know. Yes my post was all over the place, but if one life can be saved by getting a body scan that would be a great blessing, all it takes is getting a full body scan from a dermatologist and it could save your life. I know this is hard to understand, but if you went through what my family just went through you would totally understand. Prevention is the key here.

    Sherman thanks for your reply, again alot of information I did not realize.

    Corey after reading the above postings I am sure you are correct, thanks for replying to my post.
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    Really, too expensive, too fast? I wonder where you read that?

    There are dozens of NFC teams racing on tight or very tight budgets now and there are very well funded teams, nobody owes anyone a right to race a nitro funny car on any level.

    If you can't afford to race a nitro funny car, you may have to be a spectator or crew on somebody's nitro funny car, other than your own. It is expensive to race nitro, some can afford it and some have to dream.

    Most NFC's are not built from old parts from a dusty shelf, some are, used chassis are readily used, and there are a lot of FC chassis left from the time prior to the current NHRA Big Show chassis. Many nostalgia racers utilize used Big Show blocks and some cylinder heads and other parts.

    If a racer is going to race with nitro on any level, he or she had better have a large wallet, a great sponsor or a resourceful crew with lots of connections and access to some lightly used parts with a lot of hard work.
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    The current landscape out there in NFC racing still lets budget racers be competitive. This such an old topic: money in racing. At ANY level, running nitro is expensive, ESPECIALLY if you don't know what you're doing. But there are guys going fast in NFC that are not mega-buck teams. However, it's all relative, they are still spending to be sure.
    As far as Force goes, Robert Hight and the crew built him a replica of his blue Brute Force Monza, but I don't believe it sees track time. Also, I was at Force's open house Indy week, and there was a new Monza body in the paint booth, not sure what the deal is with that, I meant to ask one of the guys.
  8. Raconteur

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    JFR has just completed the body and paint for one of John's old white Citation's, no chassis for it yet. According to Robert Hight, the Brute Force Monza in the Yorba Linda JFR museum is a non-running display FC.

    It would be tough for anyone at JFR to field anything but a FORD Mustang in today's world of NFC's. Hmm :rolleyes: a Brute Force '72 Mustang!
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    IMHOP Nostalgia Funny Car is at a crossroads and can really shoot itself in the foot.

    The SHOW, again IMHOP, is what it should be about - like the old days of the 64 car "BE THERE OR BE SQUARE" shows.

    The template about what NOT to do should be Nostalgia Top Fuel!

    Earth Rotators should be ostich - sized!
  10. Raconteur

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    Norm, nobody wants a bullet to the foot, but what do you mean?

    The rules package, except for safety (CF brakes, auto shutoff, etc.) are relatively the same as when the Goodguys VRA developed them years ago, before NHRA's meddling. If what you are referring to is limits ET's and MPH, NASCAR is the place for restrictions on performance, not Nitro Drag Racing!

    64 car shows are an artifact of the distant past, there are lots of photos of that period, just not very realistic to pull off a show like that today. Today's NFC's are wearing a replica of that era for body styles, that is where the resemblance ends... all within the rules!

    These are the good old days!
  11. Shaggy

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    No disrespect intended as this goes for anyone, but just because you make a couple decent passes does not mean you are a great driver.

    And I cant believe I agree with Darr on something!
  12. RAPID

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    You are probably more right than you know. Good post. :cool:

  13. Big Sexy

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    As an NFC car owner, I know firsthand how the costs have gotten out of control. I don't blame any single particular cause, as it is more of a compilation of issues.

    5 years ago, a 6.50 car with quality parts would win you a race and you would have a ton of fun. The pits were a blast to be in, people grilling and yacking it up between rounds. You had time to sell shirts, talk with fans, hear stories, and get some racing in.

    Today, you are replacing racks, pulling clutches, downloading data, and running your tail off.

    I was at a particular race this year, it was an 8 car booked show, and I was the only car there without the Semi and Pro Trailer; Just me, my F350, and 45' goose.

    I don't care what other owners have, I am not a jealous person, I am proud of what I own and what I do. However, when you have to replace 8 pistons, full clutch pack, and in some cases and entire motor between rounds, this is over the top.

    As for Austin and Lisa, I love both of them, they are GREAT people! Lisa drove for my Friend Tom, and Austin is very supportive of Lisa and her desire to race. Austin would, if the operation were right and well equipped, tune the car for Lisa.

    How do you fix the cost issue? You can't.... This from someone who is in the thick of it. You can curtail it a bit, but unless they set performance limits on these cars, you will always have people willing to spend what it takes to be the top dog.

    You either live with it, or go fishing...

    This class, for what it is worth, is growing so fast, I can’t keep up with the new cars coming out. Must be the “thing to do” right now. I am glad I am in it, and very proud of my team.

  14. RAPID

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    Excellent post Justin, and spot on about the class.


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