grudge racing during national event ??????

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by tom, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. megadeth

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    Drag racing has been going on without him unless he works for NHRA which he doesn't!
    There is a place for racers like this it's just not at a national event!
    Anybody who drives a race car knows when to lift and always pull to the side of the track and stop!
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  2. megadeth

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    Really! People left the stands right after last Nitro car went down the track.
    That includes the next session they ran.
    The only reason where in the stands is they had them run a session just before the Nitro cars ran or the stands would have been empty then to.
    NHRA has been trying this kind of stuff for years the last time it was riceburners.
    I'm all for change but cars like those are a dime a dozen!
  3. Cliff

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    At Tucson this year, at a nostalgia meet, there was a guy with a motorized bar stool towing a dragster. OK, how about an 8 stool class, heads up, on nitro? :eek:
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  4. glofria

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    I'm sorry you feel that way Bob, but I have to say you don't know Monti. Here, learn something about the man;

    These guys may have "Street" in the title of they're style of racing, but that is more or less has to do with the look of the cars and not the venue of the racing. All they're races are either done at Sonoma, Sacramento Raceway or Redding Drag Strip. All NHRA sanctioned tracks and not the back streets or roads.

    He may have been overly excited and caught up in the moment, but certainly not the first time this happened. Monti has devoted himself to organizing the racers and keeping them safe. NHRA only does so much for races and it's guys like Monti that do it purely for the love of the sport and his fellow man. Right now he is paying for the mistake that he made. Both with his health and financially.

    And let me just add while your looking down on him with your opinionated view, think of all the stupid shit you've done and wished not to be judged.
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  5. RM FAN

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    Bob did you used to work for the NHRA? Again these cars are not catering to your demographic but to the younger crowd. Its people just like you working for the NHRA who are stuck in the 60's, alienated a generation of racers calling them "riceburners" instead of race cars. You are judging fan interest on once Let me guess , your idea of change is Nostalgia cars......
  6. dr flames

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    Well said Gino
  7. TR

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    Sorry Wayne but nobody wants to seen "rice burners", the move by NHRA to Top Dragster and Top Sportsman has been a move in a positive direction.

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  8. NJ4MULA

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    No, that's a throttle stop. A delay box lets them release the button on the top bulb and the car actually goes on the bottom bulb (if they are leaving second), delaying the launch. Cross talk lets them release the button on their opponents top bulb (again, if leaving second) but the car actually leaves on their bottom bulb.

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