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Greg Anderson to miss 3 months due to Surgery


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A hopeful speedy recovery to Greg, come back and get win 75! Erica showed last year you can skip 6 races and still make the countdown so hopefully he can still contend for the championship. Also nice to see Jimmy Alund get a chance at the big show in one of the top cars.
all the best to greg.
[ i see he says ''it no big deal''. But any of us who have been there know that major surgery is physically and mentally jarring. It takes time to recuperate and to forget the experience.]


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Greg will be fine after he heals but like Alan and Paul say, he's going to hurt the first time down the track. Cracking the chest is no fun. BTW, Alund will do just fine in the car. He'll take some getting used to how good these guys are on the lights but he will do OK.


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First time he lets out the laundry he's going to have an all new experience. After bypass surgery it was bad enough wearing seat belts in my daily driver. Very sure I would NOT want to experience a parachute anytime soon after having my ribs cracked open.
Hoping for a full and speedy recovery to Greg. Your health is much more important than driving that racecar. It will be in good hands until you return!


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I'm assuming this can all be done in the Cath Lab. If so, they won't have to bust him open..which will help.

I can still see 3 months letting him heal..but as far as pain..should be minimal.

Best of luck, Greg.
Anyone have more details? I thought I heard on tv that this was something he had since birth, which would classify as a Congenital Heart Defect, which I am a survivor of myself. I've been through 2 surgeries, so far. Denver Broncos head coach John Fox had what sounds much like what Greg had done this past season. My gig was a little different....but I was just curious. I wish him a speedy recovery. And yes, getting your sternum sawed is the absolute most traumatic part of it all.