FREE Tickets for Pomona NHRA World Finals

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by Raconteur, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. mick

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    talk about a sponsor being pro-active with their partner.
    that's cool. hope they sell some insurance!
  2. HotRodCrazyBob

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    I just was deliverd my TEC tickets - but HECK a freebie I could always give to a family member or friend!!!

    Thanks Mr McKernan!! AAA = the best!:)
  3. Thanks for the link Darr. Hats off to AAA. you just can't beat FREE. :D
  4. Rumblebones

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    ... howabout a voucher for parking.
  5. Way to go and thanks AAA!!!

    Something else to remember for any AAA Member attending the Finals or WinterNats...

    Show your AAA card at the time of ticket purchase at Pomona Raceway and receive a $10 discount!

    I've done this for years and have always received the discount regardless of what day I'm attending. I always make sure everyone in line behind me knows this as well. :D

    It's not something NHRA or Fairplex advertises or promotes, but they will certainly honor it when asked. I think there is a very small sticker placed higher than eye level at the ticket booth.

    MUST be a AAA Member and MUST show your AAA card.
  6. Raconteur

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    The other part of the AAA "show your card" deal is a $20 DISCOUNT on advance purchase of Saturday/Sunday 2-day reserved seat tickets and you can SAVE 10% on advance purchase of Friday or Saturday single-day tickets for the World Finals. ;)
  7. Thanks Tony, and Darr. Good to know. :D;):cool:
  8. none

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    No s&*t! That $40 pit side lot makes it pretty damn easy to get out of there though. I complain every year about the price but I always pay to park there. Won`t be any different come Nov.
  9. FEDowner

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    AAA has been dong this for years.
    They also discount tickest at the Hot Rod Reunion at Famoso,
    usually Hight hangs out there for the Sat & Sun He has more time to talk to the fans there since he isnt working,

    As for the $40 pitside parking its not much more to bring your motorhome.

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