FORCE----McKinney chassis out

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by TJ, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. TJ

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    Heard thru a solid reliable source Force is sick of the 3 rail chassis' and has begged Plueger to build him 2 rails chassis as the current set-up is to stiff and their cars are tearing stuff up or smokin the tires.....To which Plueger declined-You heard it hear first!
  2. Tom

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    Prove it and identify your source, otherwise, I call...


  3. Mooseman

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    yeah more info please ?

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    Thanks Tom, I Love It, it fits this thread perfectly.:D
  5. mike

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    To quote Terry from the Free Morgan thread....

    "And once again you heard it hear first----JFR and Mckinney to rid of the 3 rail chassis and Plueger 2 rails back in.."

    Yet in Terry's post above in this thread he states that Plueger declined...

    Make your mind up Jones!
  6. Porkchop

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    Techno has passed Coil?.....It happens to everyone.....Look at Snake and Bob Brandt,they were amazing for so many years,and well before the Army funny car days,time moves on. Again look at A.J/.....building his own team.....They had an incredible run,may just be over,but let me say i love John to death,he will still get his,just not so much anymore.
  7. Bob K.

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    I did see John's team changing stuff from chassis to another but that was just a "walk by" BK
  8. FuelCarBuilder

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    I'm sure I just saw Robert win Indy in a 3-rail ? :confused:
  9. Bobby Bennett

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    John Force told me today they build their chassis in house and havent had a Plueger chassis built.
  10. coyotedale

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    gotta love those "wanna be in the know" types, who heard from someone who knew another that was taking a leak next to a friend of Coil's. How bout taking a swing by JFR, and share this "scoop" with Roo Man, as I'd really like to hear about this notion.

    Plueg's been done with the big show stuff for a while now.

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