ESPN 3 feed from Pomona

Discussion in 'NHRA' started by john, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. john

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    This is the first time I've had the chance to watch the ESPN3 live feed. Quality is excellent. I'm streaming it thru my xbox to the big screen! I'm loving this!
  2. JRX

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    I'm so glad they do this since I don't have cable or a dish.

    I'm watching it now on my IPhone! Now I can take it with me, thanks ESPN3.
  3. Paul

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    I love it, I have the drag race on my computer and NASCAR on TV. It is great we will have this all year long.
  4. DixonFan

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    :( its a day of oil
  5. mike

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    so far so good

    I kinda wish they would quite cutting back and forth between live and taped. It makes it hard to follow what is real and what is "memorex"
  6. Joker

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    is there any way we can chat on there while we watch? I see the deal that says chat in section 140 but I couldnt figure out what that was.
  7. d'kid

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    round 1 took two hours.... of which, Pro Stock was ten Minutes
  8. DixonFan

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    Ouch another oil down...Wonder where the money will go with all the fines that NHRA will impose this
  9. john

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    I have my fingers crossed that it goes to hiring a 3rd fulltime pit reporter! hint, hint..... wink, wink!
  10. megadeth

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    That was awesome! Next best thing to being there! I love the behind the sceen clips.
    What we just saw will be edited for the finals tonight and the future sportsman show. Who cars about the NHRA website that's how I will be watching the rest of the year except the races I plan on attending.
  11. Jim

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    That was a great presentation.

    Even though I couldn't get the tower feed (love Bob Frey et al), it was a great day. Even the audio worked out OK.

    ESPN3 - What GREAT technology!
  12. yoda

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    Doing the same now... Got home from Pomona last night... Love the Christmas gift I got for the kids!! Xbox rocks!

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