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Crowds at Joliet...


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Sunday was sold out in Phoenix. But yep at these big venues sell family packs for a dirt cheap price. And make it easy for them to get those tickies!
I was there the number of fans standing at the fence was significant. The wife says it is because smoking is allowed at the fence. It made sitting in the stands enjoyable. But the crowd seemed light, compared to the recent sold out races. $70 for a sunday ticket is pretty high for most folks, including me.


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I paid $135 for a GA 4 day pass, not a bad deal at all. You could have got each day individually for GA online (Sunday was $56), but they charge you more per ticket than the 4 day price.


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I've been going since 2007. I bought tickets in advance this year for the first time back in February. Paid $46 for reserved on Friday ($65 at the gate on race day) and $51 for reserved on Saturday ($70 at the gate on Saturday). Also forked out $40 for South Side Parking per day. Will do both again.
I go all 3 days, but different towns have different amounts of people.
For instance, in Denver, most folks go on Friday (night actually) and not as many on Saturday.
In Bristol, I have noticed more on Saturday than Friday.
But my fave is Friday...more cars, night qualifying etc.