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Coolest off track and historic drag racing photos ever


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It could have been Pringle. I remember the name. Snow's first funny car was injected, like a 1966 model?? Ran as a dragster back then (as did the other F/C's) & I think Snow won the nationals in Indy one year with it.
I remember when that picture was first published. If you look at it, looks like the torque converter came out first, followed by the rest of the parts as the car rolled forward.

"It blowed up real good!"
Going thru my P!SS-BUCKET accounts, I realized you CAN save your pics from there, although it is time consuming. You have to wade thru all of their bullshirt ads, but eventually you can click on a photo to expand it, right click, choose "save image as", and you can save a jpeg copy to your computer. Kind of a drag if you have 10,000 images, but if it is an irreplaceable picture, at least you can retrieve it while they let you.
Doesn't get any cooler than Willie working on the car in a rough rock pit area....

A VERY early D.G.

Two great minds....

A great shot for you M/T admirers out there....