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Coolest off track and historic drag racing photos ever

OK, found some more Schtuff. How's about a Tuesday spirit lift. Not to sound sexist (hey her press photos even say it) but this was one of the coolest and prettiest ladies out there in her day.

Paula Murphy

Allrighty then, I promised you guys some vintage Alton photos and I finally found some. I have a ton that were from John Story's personal collection but they are hiding in various hard drives I have and I'll eventually find them all and post them here.

Unknown driver of this B/S 57 Chevy. If you know who it is let us ALL know.

Ballenger & Kirby B/G Ford Coupe. Not sure but I think these were local guys to the Alton area.

Stults Body Shop was local and may even still be in business.

Just to show you how important Alton was to the traveling circus, even BIG showed once in a while.

This was John Story himself (owner of Alton Dragway) getting in on the action with a B/Street Roadster.

Placke Chevrolet was a fairly large dealership right across the Mississippi river in St Louis at one time.

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Again, Alton was a "must" stop for cars on tour.

Must have been a BIG show this day to bring these guys down from Peoria to race. At one time, there was at least 5 drag strips between Peoria and Alton they would have driven past to get there. Peoria to Alton is about 150 miles.

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EARLY Garlits, but looks like Art Malone driving. Art did a lot of stand ins for Big. Filth on the body and tires is a testament to the pits and return road.

Tennessee Bo-Weevil before it was famous and painted.

Another pair of Unknowns. If anyone recognizes these guys or cars, let us all know.

Done for today.. I'll pick it up when I find more shots to post.
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The 1957 Chevy was fuel injected, can see the emblems on the fender. Don't know who it is, but made me think of Bruce Morgan(?) who raced a 57 Chevy & won the Stock championship. Maybe 1959 or '60? Not sure of the year, but I remember the car.


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The Scotty's Muffler roadster has an Ardun engine. That was a flathead Ford V-8 with OHV heads, designed by Arkus Duntov (Ar Dun), who was the father of the Corvette. The story I heard was that the heads were originally designed for trucks with flathead engines. Hot rodders saw the heads & they were a natural for drag racing. Almost looks like a Hemi, but the plugs are spaced differently. $2 for the history lesson. Grin.


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Thanks Bob:

I have owned both of those decals for years.
Donna Garlits Don's daughter asked me to stop offer her dad's old decal for sale which I did per her request.

I wanted to start reproducing many of the old Garlits decals but that never went any where and I think his daughter liked the idea but dad did not.

Many people don't remember the old decal when he was operating out of Michican with Connie Swingle back in the 60's

Jim Hill
Sunday morning wake up call. Alternate shots of Barbara. She sure was proud of the snuggle pups.

Not sure who the blonde is, but headlights on for safety is always a good thing....



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I came across a box full of photos I shot at the old Carlisle Drag-O-Way in Carlisle, Arkansas in the early '70s.
As I get them scanned and loaded, I'll be adding them to this thread.