Chris Lencheski out at IHRA

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    DRO reporting that Chris Lencheski, whose brilliant decision it was to move the World Series from Cordova to Memphis, is out at IHRA along with Chief Revenue Officer Shawn Hackman and Darren Thompson.
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    This is huge news yet hardly any comments on the inter web. Looks like Lencheski succeeded in making IHRA irrelevant. Good luck Mike Dunn.
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    I wonder when Cordova will announce the lineup for the World Series.
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    I remember the day Chris Lencheski called me and we talked about his vision for the I.H.R.A. and there was no question he was trying to do the right thing but I kept thinking to myself does he really know what he is getting into.

    It's just my opinion but I believe the best people to run these associations are people with a background in drag racing who understand what it takes to put on a great show.

    I wish Chris well in whatever he does next with his career.

    Jim Hill

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