Carbon fiber brakes

Discussion in 'Tech Forum' started by flapjack, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. flapjack

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    Well, I was reading on brakes. I know TF, AA/FC, TA/FC, TAD, and A/Fuel all require carbon fiber brakes. What about Pro Stock?

    Thenm what about the current "hot" manufacturers. I see some teams are using The Brake Man, others are using Strange (at least I think Strange is offering carbon fiber brakes now), and I am guessing some use Lamb (for instance, Chrisman offer their read ends with Lamb components). Anyone have any idea as to what is really popular right now?
  2. kansasnitro54

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    Pro Stockers have been useing Carbon brakes the longest. Geez Kurt Johnson was driving full time and had a incident where the brakes locked(i think) and sent him endo into a water puddle.
    LArry Morgan same year i believe slide er in as his rear brakes locked as well. I do not remember the year but could have been like 2005 or so.
  3. mike

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    We have been running strange carbons for close to 28 years now.
  4. rick

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    Carbon Fiber brakes isn't exactly a new idea. The Kurt Johnson incident that was referred to happened in 1993 in Phoenix, and Larry Morgan had his deal happen at Rockingham a few races later

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